David Brent pops into MTD’s office and MTD’s 3 year old recruit – ah, bless

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Hi there all,

It’s MTD’s Marketing Manager Louise here, dropping in with another little snippet of life in the MTD office for you. And this week I have two little treats up my sleeve.

Firstly I’d like to tell you about MTD’s newest (and littlest) recruit. Meet Livi, Sean’s youngest eselling® protégée!

Livi and esellingLivi’s mother Stephanie Keller has sent us in this lovely photo after finding little Livi – only 3 years-old – nose deep in Sean’s Amazon #1 Bestselling book eselling®, swotting up on how she can use social media to prospect online.  A star in the making no doubt!

Stephanie is now flying over from Copenhagen for MTD’s MD Sean McPheat’s Sales Summit at Heathrow, London this November, where she is hoping to meet Sean and get her copy of eselling® signed for Sean’s number one fan Livi .

The 2011 Sales Summit plays host to seminars from guest speakers such as bestselling author Simon Hazeldine and MTD’s #1 Sales Trainer Mark Williams, who are presenting sessions on the latest sales approaches and strategies regarding prospecting, negotiating and improving sales interactions.

Sean will also be presenting two sessions of his own on the day, starting with a Sales Audit to assess the way his guests currently sell, before introducing conference-goers to his concept of eselling® ; the modern way to prospect, network and engage with key decision makers online. Places are still available for the Sales Summit (November 17th) so make sure you book quick to avoid disappointment.

Last week was an extremely busy week for Sean and the MTD team, as we had another little star pop by the office to give his regards. Yes, none other than David Brent – the living legend – dropped by MTD’s HQ last week, and he was so excited to hear about all of the fantastic events which Sean and the MTD team have got in the pipeline that he was even prompted to do a little dance….

I’ll leave you with this little gem in the hope it will brighten up your Tuesday morning:

See you again soon folks,

Louise Denny
Marketing Manager

MTD Sales Training | Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Originally published: 27 September, 2011

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