Derren Brown – Sales Tricks Of The Mind

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I was watching Derren Brown’s Evening Of Wonders the other night and I was amused, entertained and amazed at some of his tricks. Correction – I was amazed by ALL of his tricks.

He confesses not to be a psychic or a medium so all of his stunts and tricks are based upon:

* Suggestion
* Hypnosis
* Slight of hand
* Misdirection
* Psychology
* Showmanship

I then got to wondering!

How effective would Derren Brown be if he were a salesman?

Now I’m not suggesting that you should EVER EVER trick your prospects into buying but there are certain techniques that you can use to “get on their wavelength” and to “read them” more effectively.

You can also use hypnotic language, use certain elements of NLP and you can just use the good old fashion laws of life!

To be an outstanding sales person in the 21st Century you need to master techniques that the bog standard Jo Smith sales person would not even dream of. When you look at the list above of what Derren Brown actually uses, I’ve highlighted the areas that I recommend that you look further into to give you the sales edge.

Remember, sales is not about manipulation. i.e getting them to do something that is not in their best interestd. You have to believe that your product or service is right for them. Then and only then should you use techniques such as these to connect with your prospects and clients to close the deal.

Happy Selling!


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Originally published: 16 January, 2009