Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008

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27 June, 2008

Businessmen with graphsI’m writing this from my hotel room on Brighton front – it’s 10pm.

I’m at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008 at the Brighton Centre with 4000 budding business owners and wannabes.

There are some pretty kool speakers on during this 3 day marathon. The days are long from 9am – 7pm each day.

Now here’s a funny thing, and why I am writing this blog…

I must have networked with about 20 odd people today and 90% have ended up saying “Why are you attending this Sean? You should be one of the speakers!”

Now, I take my personal development very seriously. And whilst I have won awards for my entrepreneurialism and business achievements I am constantly looking to improve and stretch myself. Even if I only take away 2 or 3 things from these 3 days I would have viewed that as a success.

What are you doing to improve your skills? Oh, by the way, are you aware that I have just come off a 52 day training course?

What?! I hear you cry!

Ok, the days weren’t all taken together but I have invested in 52 days worth of training in the last 365 days.

Want to know how I have taken the course?

Well, I’ve taken it in my car!

I listen to sales, marketing, self development, knitting for beginners cd’s (that last one’s a joke by the way!) in my car on the way to work and when I drive home from work without exception. Then, there are the times when I am travelling to seminars like this bootcamp, another 3 hours, and also client visits (6 hours worth of travel time last week alone).

I worked it out the other day.

45 mins to work, 45 mins home = 1 1/2 hours per day
1 1/2 hours per day x 5 days a week = 7.5 hours per week = 1 working day
1 working day x 52 weeks = 52 days

Amazing huh?

So, instead of listening to Franz Ferdinand or Kylie – invest in your brain and in your knowledge.

Remember you never learn from the cd’s you don’t listen to and the advice you don’t hear!

All the best from a windy Brighton, it’s time to get some shut eye!


Sean McPheat

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