Why You Should Fight The Corner Of Today’s Sales People

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

I’m constantly championing and fighting the corner of sales people.

The fact is, a lot of sales people get a bad name in the press and society as a whole and this is mainly down to the consumer having had a bad experience themselves or reading about a sales horror story.

Yes, there are some awful sales people out there who will take the shirt off your back if you’ll let them, yes there are some sales people out there who are more like conmen who will trick and hard sell you to sign on the dotted line but the majority of sales people are hard working and HONEST people who are trying to make a living.

How do I know this?

Well, here at MTD Sales Training we’ve trained over 10,000 people so we’ve been up close and personal with them and to me I get sick and tired of hearing people slag off sales people. What about the managers out there who manipulate their staff? What about the nurses out there who do enough just to get by? What about the school teacher who couldn’t remember my name and I had been in her class for 2 years?!

Yes, these are all exceptions to the rule. But it’s the same point.

There are good and bad in all industries so lay off sales people!

And who do you think will help companies to survive and thrive through this economic slump?

The politicians? Nope

The bankers? Yeah right!

Nope – it will be the quality of sales people. With lay offs and hundreds of companies closing their doors every single day the only way that a business can survive (apart from the availablility of credit) will be the quality and effectiveness of their sales people.

And please remember nothing EVER happens without a sale. Don’t believe me?

What about that chair you’re sitting on? The keyboard you’re typing on? The clothes you are wearing?

Sales is the starting point for everything.

“But someone like surgeons don’t rely on sales people” said one delegate to me a couple of weeks ago. But oh yes they do. Who do you think sold them their operating utensils and equipment to use? What about the scanning equipment? There’s not one sole supplier out there you know!

Surgeons rely on the very latest equipment available to save lives and guess who made this possible? Yes, sales people.

So please help me in my quest for fighting the corner of the sales person. We need to make a stand against the public’s perception of sales people.

Please make a comment below to show your support so we can make a stand!


Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 3 March, 2009