Going Beyond Features And Benefits…

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Extra mile green signFeatures and benefits – as sales people you must master these with regards to your products and services.

How many times have you been told in training courses that people don’t buy features, they only buy benefits?

This is very true, as the brain doesn’t compute what the product ‘does’, it only listens to what it will do for me.

A long list of features will only confuse the prospect, as they have to do the work in converting the meaning of the feature to how it will benefit them.

And remember, why should they convert the feature to a benefit?

They are giving you money!

Instead, you literally have to spell it out for them.

However…do you just stop at the benefit?

Or do you go beyond that, to appeal to the emotional desires of the prospect?

You see, prospects have individual as well as organisational needs, and their viewpoint may well be very different to yours.

They need to know what choosing your products and services will mean to them, in the short and the long term.

‘Meaning’ is a key driver to making decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at this:

Salesperson: “So, John, by taking out our extended credit terms, you benefit by spreading the cost over a longer period, helping your cash-flow and freeing up finances for other purposes”

Here, the salesperson has taken a feature and added the benefit. For many prospects, that may be enough. But what if you created a real meaning to the conversation?

Salesperson: “…how beneficial would it be to you to spread the cost over a longer period, meaning you would be able to invest in other areas of the business, making your new marketing plans easier to put into practice?”

This way, you are helping the prospect not only see the benefits, but also to see what your products and services will actually mean to them as a company.

You will be creating a clear picture in their mind about how the correct decision (i.e choosing you as their supplier) will make a meaningful difference to their business.

And notice that by phrasing the choice as a question, you make the prospect think about the answer rather than trying to find reasons to disprove you statement.

Think about how the benefits of what you offer adds real value and extra opportunities to them.

They will go beyond the benefits and have a deeper reason for choosing you!

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 9 October, 2017