Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part II – What to Do with A Name

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Person making a phonecallIn Part I, I explained a few ways to find the name of someone in your prospective company.  Now, let us see how you can use that name to reach your decision maker (DM).  If you were unable to find the name of someone in the company, don’t worry.  In Part III, I will give you a few tips to cold call with no information at all.

Using a Name
Now that you have the name of someone in any department, make a call.  Your objective is simply to get into the company, to get pass the initial gate.  Once you are into the telephone system, it becomes much easier to obtain information from other employees in the company and even to get them to pass you through to your party.

For example, let us say your objective is to reach the Human Resources Director whose name you do not know.  However, you found the name of a person in the accounting department.  You call and ask for that person:

GK:             “ABC Development…may I help you?”

Sales Person:   “Yes, Sharon Ames in accounting.”

Accounting:     “This is Sharon.”

Sales Person:   “Sharon…I’m sorry.  I have the wrong department.  I’m trying to reach…uh…uh…the HR Director…what’s the name?”

Accounting:     “You mean, Sarah Williams?”

Sales Person:   “Yes, yes…can you connect me?”

Of course, this is just one example of the many ways this can play out.  The key though, is that the people you will speak to are not trained gatekeepers!  Often these other employees are ready and willing to help you, especially those who are not in a position to make decisions.

The Non-DM
Non-DMs are not used to being hit by sales people and cannot make a purchase anyway.  Therefore, they have no fear and consequently no defenses and usually love to talk.  Often you can be straightforward with a non-DM and even develop a relationship.

Sales Person:   “Well, hi, Steve, Dillon Smith, here, from ABC Data.  How are you?”

Non-DM:         “Very well, thank you.  How about yourself.”

Sales Person:   “Having a great day, Steve, thanks.  Listen Steve, I was wondering if you could help me…”

Non-DM:         “I’ll try.  What do you need?”

Sales Person:   “Do you know who might be in charge of making decisions on database software in your firm?

Just get in the company and talk to anybody.

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Originally published: 24 August, 2011