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Helpful tips chalk boardSo Marco Pierre White has filled the shoes of his protege Gordon Ramsay!

How did he do?

Well, last nights opening programme was compelling viewing. I loved to see how Marco tried to “make his mark” over the latest bunch of Z list celebrities.

Having eaten in 3 of Gordon Ramsays restaurants (I am a big fan of GR by the way), I find the whole “Celebrity Chef” thing to be crazy. The food was awesome (but not enough of it) and I wondered whether I was there for the food or to say that I have eaten at GR’s restuarant – I’m still pondering my motives!

Take last night. A poor chap complained that his meal was freezing. Marco said “That’s tough, eat it that way or leave!”

Imagine if we had that attitude with our prospects? I suppose it makes great viewing!

I’ve been offered a lot of TV work with regards to business improvement and sales. Most of them have really opened my eyes to all of this reality TV I can tell you! They wanted me to make fools out of people, to put them down, to crucify them – all for the sake of viewing figures!

My sales training lesson out of all of this?

Sometimes people will do business with you because of who you are. Thinking about it, I don’t think I would go to a Gary Rhodes or Jamie Oliver restuarant because they are not “My type of person”. Learn this lesson with what you sell, position yourself and take the profits on the back of what you do.

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Originally published: 4 September, 2007