Here’s 450 Sales Questions That You Can Use

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

450 Sales QuestionsIf you want to be great at sales then you have to be great at asking questions.

Lots of questions!

To help you with this, I’ve gathered a list of the top 450 sales questions that I’ve come across over the years and I’ve put them together in a special report for you.


I’ve tried to cover all situations – therefore there will be questions for the following areas:

Building Rapport

Setting The Stage

Investigating Needs & Wants

How Much Money Have You Got

Decision Makers & Decision Making

Pleasure, Pain & Pay-Off

Key Performance Indicators

Establish Possible Issues & Barriers

Handling Objections

Closing & Moving The Sale Forward

Managing The Account

Clarifying Questions

Rhetorical Questions

Questions For Getting Referrals

So please click on the cover below and download your copy of the questions today.

450 Sales Questions Cover

Happy Questioning!


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450 sales questions free report

Originally published: 16 September, 2015