How to Create Sales Contests that Increase Sales and Motivate Teams

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Cartoon arms with thumbs upIt is easy for a well planned, highly financed, rigorously promoted and eagerly anticipated sales contest to end in fewer sales, less motivation and an overall counterproductive result.  The following strategy will help you design sales and incentive contest that will motivate your sales team, increase sales and promote a winning atmosphere.

It’s Never Too Late
One of the problems with any sales contest is that there can be a point that sales people feel they have lost well before the end of the contest period.  In a month long contest, sales people who have a bad first week or two, can feel that their chances for winning anything are over.  With such a negative thought process, sales people produce less than if there was no contest in place.  In addition, there are sales people who believe they are not as skilled as others are.  Therefore, before the contest begins, they feel they cannot compete with the superstars and take on a defeatist attitude from the beginning.

Wild Card Draw
One way to avoid this is to include a method for everyone to win at least some prizes and recognition regardless of skill level or how late it is into the contest.  An effective way to achieve this is to use a Wild Card Drawing type system that rewards sales people for work ethic and minimum acceptable results.

For instance, the grand prizes may go to the sales people with the highest total production and most sales.  However, perhaps you have a drawing in where at the end of the contest period, you pick several names from the collection and each sales person whose name comes out of the “hat” wins something.

You can award sales people a single drawing card for every sale they close or even for attempting a certain amount of closing attempts.  Maybe you can award a drawing card for sales people who set the most appointments.

In this way, all sales people have the opportunity to win major awards and never feel as though it is too late.  Sales people will concentrate on completing more sales tasks, such as making calls and appointments.  Create a way to level the playing ground and give all sales people an opportunity to compete.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 10 August, 2011

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