I Want To Think About It

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Saying no to a salespersonWhat do you do and say when the prospect says:

“I want to think about it”?

Well, I know that if a client says that to me I haven’t really unearthed what the true objections could be.

“I want to think about it” is not really an objection.

Instead, it’s a way to buy some time and is a stalling tactic.

As a salesperson you need to know why your prospect is stalling and then help them to make their decision.

Here’s a way to unearth what I mean:

(Use your own words and style here)

I want to think about it

Ok, great. So you are interested Mr Prospect? Is that what you mean?

Yes we are

I hope you’re not just saying that to get rid of me Mr Prospect!! (say it in a joking way and create some rapport with some laughter and banter)

No, far from it. I just need to weigh up all of our options.

Sure thing. Investing in XYZ is a big/important decision. (then talk about why etc) Do you have to run what I’ve covered by anyone else? (this tells you whether or not they are the decision maker!)

(If he says yes, then you need to meet/talk with the “other people” for a fair hearing!)

No, I will be making the final decision.

No problem. I bet you’ve got a lot of questions in your mind to think through and reflect on?

Yes, I have. (They will then tell you why or you respond with..)

Which question would you say are the most important for you?

(Whatever the prospect now says will be the major objections)

Please remember that objections can come in many shapes and guises, it’s your job to find out what they really are and respond accordingly.

Here are some objections that they could come out with when they say “I want to think it over”

– The prospect is not the decision maker and needs others to help them decide

– You are too expensive

– They don’t have the budget

– They were just investigating the possibility of your product/service

– The other two businesses that they saw were both cheaper than you but you had the better products

– They are not ready to buy right now

– They do not like you

– Your product/service does not do what they want

– They want a more reputable/established company

– They always use XYZ for this type of work in the past

Keep it simple, be yourself and until next time, happy selling!

Sean Mc

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Originally published: 20 November, 2007