Is Sales The Best Job In The World?

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Best job in the worldOne of my clients was discussing with me a few weeks ago how the attitude of salespeople has changed over the years.

He now employs a lot of ‘millenials’ in his business and has recently noticed how they have become a lot more negative in their endevours.

My client mentioned that one salesperson had remarked how he wouldn’t have chosen sales as a career if he’d known how hard it was going to be.

Whether you agree with that mindset or not, it’s natural at times to reflect on whether your career is taking you in the direction you want your life to go.

It set me thinking on why I got involved in sales and made me contemplate the difference we make in people’s and business’s lives and results.

I believe that we work in one of the best careers in the world, and here’s why:

“Salespeople create opportunities for growth and profits in business”

When done honestly, with integrity and in the right manner, salespeople can change business’s futures by creating opportunities for advancement and increasing production or profitability. We have the power to change a company’s direction of operation and improve their employees’ lives

“Salespeople get to meet a wide variety of people in different industries”

In sales, no two days are the same, as we meet various people with differing needs and a variety of demands. Yes, it can be challenging to have to deal with prospects whose demands are outside our control or scope of fulfillment. But when we are able to deal with the opportunities that present themselves, we can create a whole new world for our customers and clients

“Sales offers tremendous opportunities for growth and development of careers”

Every career has its chances for promotions and developing of skills, but in sales, it’s possible to make a career out of just that one job without the need for advancement into management or the like. A skilled salesperson can make a very good living by creating advancements in technology or improving other company’s profits so their commissions and bonuses can give them a good standard of living.

“Sales offers the chance to act as ‘self-employed’ to bring the best out of your skills”

Few jobs allow you to tap into your potential to be the best and have so much control over your earnings. Having the mindset of being self-employed allows you to create your own agendas, search for your own prospects, build your own list of priorities and create your own long-term relationships. Although your employer may actually pay you a salary, your viewpoint of employing yourself gives you freedom and opportunities few others can match

“In sales, your attitude and aptitude with determine your altitude”

It’s one of the few careers where your success can be determined by how well you administrate your processes and control your progress. By having the right attitude towards success and building your business acumen, you build a career that offers so much potential to hit the heights.

So, when my client reflects on the kind of people he employs, maybe there will be the chance to review how the job could, if approached in the right manner, actually be one of those that brings a great lifestyle, a positive outlook and a career that offers so many chances for development.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 25 March, 2015