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31 October, 2007

Building your brandHaving watched Gordon Ramsay and restaurateur Allan Love of Ruby Tates (Now known as Love’s Fish Restaurant)at it hammer and tong last night on Kitchen Nightmares I couldn’t help but have a chuckle.

Here was Ramsay trying to help, albeit in his own forceful and “my way or the highway approach”. And then there was Allan Love, desperate to succeed but with his own ideas – which were obviously not working due to the lack of customers and money in the bank.

There were many things covered last night but I want to focus on one thing in-particular and that is the brand.

Love’s restaurant was formerly called Ruby Tates and was selling all kinds of fish from far afield. Problem was, it did not have any identity.

To build a brand you need a “It does what it says on the tin” mentality so Ramsay changed the name to:

Love’s Fish Restaurant

Simply brilliant!

Why is this so?

Well, you know what the restaurant is all about!

You are left in no doubt as to what the restaurant specialises in and then word can spread like wildfire especially as the owner, Allan Love, also has his name as part of the eatery. And Love himself is a big part of the brand too.

Ruby Tates? Sounds like a curry house or some cockney slang! The new name is a lot better.

Having trained hundreds of restaurant managers and other shop owners just like Allan in both sales and marketing, you really do need to appreciate the value of creating a brand and an identity.

What do I mean by this?

Well, with Love’s Fish Restaurant the ultimate aim is for anyone who visits Brighton to take in a meal there because they are “famous for their fish that are all locally caught”

Other restaurants might want to have the “Best Burger In Glasgow” or be known for “The Best Lasagne Outside Of Italy”

It’s always best to have a play on words or be known for a certain speciality that creates a buzz and then watch as word spreads!

Allan – well done for listening to Gordon in the end. I know it wasn’t easy buddy and it took a lot of guts but I think you now have a restaurant to be proud of and one that will make some money.

Rest assured, if I come down to Brighton I’ll look you up and taste the local Pollock!

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Happy Selling!

Sean Mc

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