Make Your Solution Essential Rather Than Desirable

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Need want like on green cubeOn our courses, we often ask sales people ‘what exactly do you sell?

After we’ve got through the list of products and services, they cotton on that people, their prospects,  don’t buy those things. So we get answers like ‘solutions to problems’ and ‘opportunities to expand their businesses’.

But are those obvious answers always correct? Yes and No!

Often your products will sell themselves. People will clammer to buy simply because you have the right product at the right time for them. But if you’re not defining the decision-making process that they are choosing to follow, and identifying the time-scales they are using for making those decisions, then it really doesn’t matter how good your solution is to the prospect…the answer is still very likely to be ‘no thanks’.

What is needed at this key point in the decision-making process?

1) A clear understanding of the decision-making process they go through

2) An appreciation of the prospect’s key business drivers

Both of these will give you the opportunity to link your solution with the business success the prospect wants to enjoy. This will increase the urgency that the prospect attaches to your solution, and hence drive a quicker decision.

The way you make a choice essential rather than desirable is to make the choice easy. You show the overall benefits outweigh the cost of action. Those costs may include what would happen if they didn’t choose your solution. And it may include the personal benefits the decision-maker may gain by making the decision now,

By determining the value to their business drivers, you take the emphasis and focus away from the products and what they do, and instead concentrate on how the future use of the products will benefit their company’s productivity or profitability.

Your solutions then become essential rather than desirable. And when people make choices based on essentials, they want them much quicker so those benefits can materialise quicker.

Concentrate on what makes people make decisions for your products. Highlight these reasons at every step, and you’ll find people will make you an essential part of the business relationship.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 27 March, 2013

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