Modern Day Buyers

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Modern buyer online shoppingSales techniques need to change to reflect the new age buyer!

The world of the modern day buyer has changed!

First understand that the modern-day consumer is within him or herself, a technologically advanced, well educated sales person.

We live in the age of an information explosion. Information technology has seen more advancement in the last few years than at any time in history and for all intents and purposes—today—right now–is the future.

Along with these technological and scientific breakthroughs, comes the easy access to worldwide information. The Internet and its development offers instantaneous access to a global knowledge-base and details on almost any subject matter at any time. What this means to you as a sales person is that your customer has access to anything they wish to know—right at their fingertips.

Your prospective customer can look up, verify, confirm or refute almost anything you say within a few seconds. In the past, consumers were left with the need to have to rely almost solely on the words of the sales person. The sales person was the expert and the customer had no way to verify if the sales person’s advice and assessments were accurate. In the past, when a sales person made a claim as to the effectiveness of their product or the reliability of their service or their company’s position in the market place, the customer had no way to prove otherwise.

Not so, today.

Pick up the telephone today to make a cold call to set an appointment with a prospective customer and that customer can have everything there is to know about you, your company, your competition and your company’s performance history, displayed on their desktop before you even get off of the telephone.

Give a savvy consumer a few more seconds, and they can produce a credit report on your company, they can run off your turnover figures, profit and loss and can find out all about your competitors and what they offer along the same lines as you and play you off against one another!

So my question to you is this: “How well are you preparing yourself to match the requirements of the modern day buyer?”

Watch this space because shortly I will be releasing a revolutionary sales training CD programme that will cover just that!

Happy Selling

Sean Mc

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Originally published: 23 January, 2008