Natural Born Sellers – You Can Be Too Friendly

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The Natural Born Sellers Update – Selling Hot Tubs at the Southampton Boat Show

So Danny wins his third top dog position in 4 weeks! Awesome. He is definately a natural born seller.

….and Gavin scraped in again!

And it’s Gavin’s selling I want to look at within this update.


Gavin got a rollickin from his Sales Manager after being told he was too friendly and too jokey. I brought this up in the last post. Gavin’s style is jokey and friendly but in my opinion is too friendly and way too jokey to the point that his prospects will not take him seriously.

There is a fine line between friendliness and “doing the business”. Get it wrong and you just look like a stand up comic who should be doing the Social Club rounds. Get it right and the world can be your oyster.

The thing with Gavin is that he does not look like a salesman. He looks like an ordinary, boy next door kinda chap. This is a HUGE advantage for him if only he would lose all of the ridiculous one lines. He’s a naturally likeable chap so he doesn’t need to act the goat all of the time.

The problem with the JOKER is that you are too wrapped up in what you are saying and the one liners that you fail to listen to opportunities and what really matters. Be friendly and leave it at that.


Gavin also had the killer disease called MONEY MOUTH on the last day. That’s when your desire and need for the money shines through in your posture, body language, your eyes and tonality. He was trying too hard and this comes across to your prospects.

MONEY MOUTH is one of the main reasons why Sales People lose scores fo sales each year. Make sure you never have a dose of it!

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

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Originally published: 24 October, 2008