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Now Here’s An Honest Car Salesman Honest Gov!

See, there are honest car salespeople out there! In fact a lot of your buyers would appreciate a more direct approach from you too (but maybe not this direct!) [putvideo]5T9DSgEclPA[/putvideo] Happy Selling Sean MTD Sales Blog Sean McPheat MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog

Does Your Team Use A Sales Playbook?

Just imagine if you were faced with a selling situation and you could look up which direction or action to take from a book that contained step by step instructions written down by the very best sales people in your company – do you think that would improve your results? Of course it would! Well, enter the SALES PLAYBOOK! Now…

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Are Your Closing Ratios Better Than An NYPD Officer?

  What are your hit rates? Do you understand the numbers behind your selling? If you are deadly serious about becoming the best sales person you can be then you need to understand the numbers at EACH and EVERY stage of your entire sales process. Whatever you do, you need to measure it, keep score, track it and then improve…

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7 Time Management Tips From The World’s Most Unsuccessful & Laziest Entrepreneur!

  I’ve just been fortunate enough (I think!) to interview the world’s laziest, most unsuccessful sales person and entrepreneur and he’s given me his top 7 tips for guaranteeing that you’ll get nothing done. So please, put down that “to do list”, close that MS calender and take his advice right now! TIP # 1 – Use The 2 Step…

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Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Even Closer

  For those of you that have been on any of my 121 coaching or consulting programmes and have gotten to know the “Real Sean” (whatever that means!) then: A. You know that I’m a big fan of the The Godfather films! and B. You also know that I am obsessive about knowing all there is to know about the…

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Sales Performance Coaching Podcast – How To Be Your Own Coach

Sales Performance Coaching – How To Be Your Own Sales Coach One of the key skills that you need to master if you are going to be the top sales person in your company is that of being able to review your own sales performance. Don’t just rely on your sales manager or sales director to coach you to improve…

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Using Body Language In Sales Interactions

Body Language Tactics For Successful Sales People I’ve asked my long time friend and public speaking guru Aileen Bennett to write a guest blog for me today. Aileen is an award winning public speaker who is Brit living in America. You know, body language plays an important part in face to face sales interactions so read carefully to the tips…

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Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech For Sales People

Well, it’s a Friday and it’s time for reflection on the week that you’ve just had in sales. Did you give it your upmost best? What went well? What didn’t go so well? You see for us sales people, it’s the small things that count. It’s those one percenters that when you add them all up, make a huge difference…

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Microsoft Office Labs Vision For 2019

We’re all concerned with the future, what with the state of the economy and how it’s going to go. But how will the future affect the way that we sell? Not in terms of the economy but in terms of technology. If you’re still in the sales profession in 10 years time, what communication tools will be available then and…

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Why You Should Fight The Corner Of Today’s Sales People

I’m constantly championing and fighting the corner of sales people. The fact is, a lot of sales people get a bad name in the press and society as a whole and this is mainly down to the consumer having had a bad experience themselves or reading about a sales horror story. Yes, there are some awful sales people out there…

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