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This Is Why Cold Callers Get A Bad Name

Cold calling is a tried and trusted method of generating new business. It does work. However, it’s becoming less and less effective than it once was and that is mainly down to the fact that cold calling has got a very bad reputation. So why has cold calling got such a bad reputation? Well, apart from the fact that many…

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Why The Secret To Sales Success Is Not A Secret

“Sean, what’s the secret to sales success?” If I had a pound, correction, if I had a penny for everytime someone has asked me that question over the years I’d be writing this blog post from my Yacht! The fact is, the secret to sales success is not a secret. The secret is firmly out there in the books you…

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Appointment Making Cheat Sheet

Now if you have to make cold calls to set up appointments the following cheat sheet will really help you outt. Here’s my appointment making cheat sheet! Follow this guidance and you can’t go far wrong when setting up appointments. STEP 1 – Qualification Is Key Make sure the prospects that you call are qualified leads STEP 2 – Do…

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Sales Objectives For Better Focus

Setting sales objectives for every call, meeting or sales interaction should become a common activity that you carry out. Why? Well, that’s simple – it improves your focus and gives you a goal for your interaction. So whether you’re making a cold call or meeting a prospect for the first time you need to think about putting some objectives down…

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5 Post Sales Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s an email I received over the weekend: “Dear Sean – thank you so much for your wonderful sales blog. My Sales Manager is always going on at me about my lack of after-sales follow up activity and I am trying to improve. Are there any other areas that I should be looking out for in addition to this? Thanks…

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7 Sales Bloopers George Bush Style!

Over the years I’ve been out on the road with hundreds of sales people to see what they do and how they do it. And some of the things that I’ve heard have left me speechless to say the least. Now a well known former president of the USA was well known for getting his words mixed up so I…

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How To Close Every Sale – 5 Reasons Why You Can’t

How To Close Every Sale – Is It Possible? In a word – NO. I was speaking at a conference 2 weeks ago and afterwards I was approached by a sales person who had travelled over 1,000 miles to be there! He asked me what the secret was to close every sale. Now whilst this question was admirable it was…

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Objection Handling In Sales

Objection Handling In Sales – Ask And All Shall Be Revealed! Faced with an objection? Always ask “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “It’s just too much money” YOU “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “I just haven’t got enough money left over from wages this month to fund this piece of kit?” YOU “What could you afford…

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Using Twitter And Social Media To Get Ahead In Sales

There’s a new kid in town to help you build your network of prospects and clients. And that new kid on the block is called Social Media. Now as cold calling is becoming more and more difficult and hunting out prospects is becoming harder than ever before, you need to look at alternative and modern ways to build your network…

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Why You Must Love Pain Instead Of Pleasure

Your prospects will always do more to avoid pain then they will to gain pleasure. It’s just human nature to act that way. And in this “bad news” economy that we are sick to the back teeth of hearing of, a lot of companies are battening down the hatches and are going into survival mode (i.e avoid pain at all…

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