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Where’s Your Back Up Sales Presentation Plan?

I’ve just got back to the office from presenting at a “Beauty Parade” for a big piece of sales training business. And the lesson I’ve got for you today is that you always need to be prepared for the unexpected and have a PLAN B and C and D etc up your sleeve. Here’s what happened: I was told for…

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Do The Basics Extraordinarily Well To Exceed Your Sales Targets

You know, I’m asked every single day for sales tricks, mind tricks and strategies to help people just like you to close the deal. And of course there are ways to gain an advantage but in my book nothing can win over a genuine, caring and selfless sales person whose only interest is in helping you out. Here’s an example…

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Trade Show Tips For Equestrian Business Monthly Magazine

I was recently asked to write an article for Equestrian Business Monthly Magazine providing some tips and techniques on how to get the most out of Trade Shows. Now whilst this article is for the Equestrian industry, the content of the article is applicable for any company who exhibits or is thinking of exhibiting at a trade show. Please CLICK…

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Cold Calling Tip – How To Close A Direct Sale

So you’ve verified the decision maker, you’ve got them on the phone and you’re making a direct sale there and then – so just what is the best way to close the sale? You know, closing a direct sale completely over the telephone requires a few different skills and techniques than closing in a face to face meeting. In person,…

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The DNA Of The Modern Day Consumer

More objections, more price bashing, the economy excuse, stalling tactics, gatekeepers from hell and elusive decision makers – just what is going on in the world of selling? Well, to me, it’s obvious – today’s buyers have changed; they are more advanced, sales savvy and more sophisticated than ever before and they’ll take the shirt off your back if you’ll…

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Raw Entrepreneur Magazine – How To Blitz Your Sales Targets

Raw Entrepreneur Magazine Feature How To Blitz Your Sales Targets In 2009 I was recently interviewed in Raw Entrepreneur Magazine for my thoughts on how sales people can blitz their targets in 2009.   I hope you enjoy it! Happy Selling Sean Sean McPheat Managing Director MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog

5 Sales Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

We all talk about what you should be doing during sales presentations but what about what you shouldn’t be doing?! Here’s 5 sales presentation mistakes to avoid at all costs: 1. Don’t bore your clients about the features all of the time. Yes, do mention them but spend more time on their benefits 2. Off The Shelf RIP – Make…

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3 Types Of Sales People

There are 3 types of sales people in this world…. There are: 1. Those that make things happen 2. Those that watch things happen and those that say “Oh my god, what happened?” As a sales person you need to make things happen. You need to create You need to get out there and prospect You need to make connections…

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You Need To Create Value Overload In Your Sales Interactions

Whenever you listen to a sales pitch, are on the receiving end of a sales presentation, read an advert or are reading one of those 453 page sales letters online, what’s going through your head? I bet that you’re most likely saying to yourself: “Ok, how much is this going to cost me?” You see, whether you know it or…

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Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Walk Away From A Deal

In today’s tough market conditions it’s very easy for you to grasp onto any lead or potential client that comes your way. But this creates a problem for you because some prospects can take up a lot of your time and are indeed, a complete waste of time. You see, no matter how much you may want the business, there…

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