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When You Lose The Sale Do This

Okay, so you’ve lost the sale you’ve been working so hard on. Now, it’s a natual reaction to get angry, to sulk and to go into denial and all of those things but keep calm and try and focus. I recommend that you have a system in place on how to deal with lost business. Here’s what you should do: 1….

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Natural Born Sellers – How To Give Demonstrations

QUICK NOTE – I was bombarded with emails asking where my comments were on the blog this week. My apologies but I was in Amsterdam giving a keynotes talk to a team of sales people at their yearly conference so I had to watch the episode on internet tv just now! By the way, if you want to receive my…

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The Modern Buyer’s Prerogative

Well, it’s finally been completed! My latest SPECIAL REPORT “The Modern Buyer’s Prerogative” is 54 pages of PRIME BEEF that will help you understand why the modern buyer of today is holding all of the aces! Today’s modern buyer is more sales savvy than ever before so make sure you understand what makes them tick by downloading my free special report now….

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How To Close The Sale

How to Close the Sale: Asking for the Order Ok, so you’ve done a great sales presentation, hooked up the perfect proposal and now you’ve got to ask for the order.  Now depending on what you sell and your sales model, your methodology for asking for the order will be very different. And in many cases, using an “assumptive” close,…

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Natural Born Sellers – You Can Be Too Friendly

The Natural Born Sellers Update – Selling Hot Tubs at the Southampton Boat Show So Danny wins his third top dog position in 4 weeks! Awesome. He is definately a natural born seller. ….and Gavin scraped in again! And it’s Gavin’s selling I want to look at within this update. YOU CAN ACTUALLY BE TOO FRIENDLY Gavin got a rollickin from…

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Being Flexible To Buyer Types

I came back from a sales meeting a week or two ago and I want to tell you of the experience I had and some of the lessons you can take from it. You see, you need to be able to read between the lines to understand different buyer types and how you can approach the situation in hand. So…

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How To Open Your Cold Calls – "How Are You?"

  How To Open Your Cold Calls “How Are You, Today?” Some people believe that it is rude, even dishonest to ask this simple question, this simple pleasantry, at the beginning of a telephone sales call.  When cold calling, the rumour is that to ask the prospect, “How are you, today?”  or “How are you doing?”  is in some way…

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Natural Born Sellers – Scott English RIP

The competition took a cut throat approach tonight as the “silent assassin” Anna-Marie voted out one of the strongest contestants in Scott English. Gavin was yet again in the bottom three and is by far the worst sales person in the group and has been from day one. Although very likeable, he talks a good talk but doesn’t delivery the…

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Sean’s Sales Improvement CD Programme Is Finally Underway!

The Sales Improvement CD Programme that will change the face of selling as we know it… Well, after 9 months in the making, I’m finally going into the recording studios at 10:30am today to record what will be, in my humble opinion, the sales programme to change all sales programmes. I’m not recording just one CD but instead a whole…

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Natural Born Sellers – The Natural Born Sellers Update

Businessman have much work

The Natural Born Sellers roadshow moved to Wakefield this week with West Yorkshire Windows. Click here for my comments on Natural Born Sellers Episode III Here are my observations, comments and thoughts… A School Boy Error Danny’s first attempt at a sale was a right cock up. Two straight talking OAP’s came into the showroom, he duly set the appointment,…

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