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Sean’s Guide To Blagging – Erhum, I Mean Thinking On Your Feet!

We’ve all been there…. You’re at a sales meeting with a prospect and you’re asked a question or for an opinion that completely throws you off guard! You feel uncomfortable, you stumble through an answer and you go away thinking everyone thinks you’re stupid and that you’ve blown the deal! The fact is, some people can think on their feet…

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5 Ways Your Existing Clients Can Help You Through The Recession

So you’ve done the hard graft, you’ve turned your prospect into a paying client, they’ve used your product or service and now they’re really happy! Ok, so now what? Well, now you can start to get them more involved to help you through these trying times. Here are 5 ways that they can help you get through this recession: 1….

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Just Shut Up More Often When You Sell Sean!

I’ve just come back from a 4 hour round trip on the motorway where I’ve just secured 10 days worth of in-house sales training but having so much time to think in the car makes you mull over how well you did during the sales interaction! You know, no matter whether you get to secure the deal or not you…

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Barclaycard – You Almost Had Me! But I Bet You Have Thousands Others!

So I received my new Barclaycard Visa in the post yesterday and there was a message on the card saying “Call us to tell us that your card has arrived safely” “That’s a good measure for security” I thought but at the same time as I was dialling I mentioned to my PA that I bet they were going to…

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Everyone Wants To Get Laid, Get Paid Or Live Forever!

Well not exactly, but my point is that whenever you sell anything you need to think about the motivations of your buyer. You need to think about what they want and need and what’s in it for them – PERSONALLY. As well as what’s in it for the company when they purchase your product or service, you also need to…

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Derren Brown – Sales Tricks Of The Mind

I was watching Derren Brown’s Evening Of Wonders the other night and I was amused, entertained and amazed at some of his tricks. Correction – I was amazed by ALL of his tricks. He confesses not to be a psychic or a medium so all of his stunts and tricks are based upon: * Suggestion * Hypnosis * Slight of…

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How To Be A Complete Sales Failure In 2009

Now that we’re all busy beavering away as though Christmas and our New Year celebrations never existed it’s important that you know exactly how to muck it all up in 2009! 🙂 I thought I’d let you the rules and approach that you should take to guarantee that you achieve nothing in 2009… 1. Don’t Set Goals Start the year…

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Is The Sole Decision Maker A Thing Of The Past?

Getting someone (and I mean “one person”) to make a decision is becoming harder and harder. Normally there are several people involved in a decision nowadays as committee decisions are becoming more common place now than ever before for several reasons. 1. Prospects like to get buy in from the people/departments/senior managers who will either be using the product or…

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How To Sell In A Recession

Here’s just one way on how to sell in a recession: Knowing that tightening budgets and shrinking revenues are an issue, you can now walk in the door using this to your advantage.  During lean times, companies do what they can to become more lean and mean.  In effect, they strive to become more efficient; making use of every penny…

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Sales Scripts For Show, Sales Framework For Dough!

I’m often asked to write sales scripts for organisations, especially for telephone sales. From time to time I’m also asked to write sales scripts for face to face sales too. Here’s my take on this: To be honest, OVERALL,  I am not a big fan of using scripts. If you’re new to a company, or if you’re selling a specific…

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