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Do I Lower My Prices In A Recession?

Here’s a question I was emailed over the weekend: “Sean, here’s my main problem: Our clients want to reduce their business by a few ££ or say that they will have to stop doing business for a few months. I cannot afford to lose total revenue so being forced to compromise on profits. Or do I take a risk and…

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Are You Just Hunting For The Big Sales Deals?

From time to time you’ll close a monster deal! With this you’ll most likely hit 25% of yearly sales target with one piece of business. But do you continually go after whales all of the time at the expense of smaller fish? My advice is that your pipeline should consist of both. The reason being is that to bag a…

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Lose The Sales Ego And Win More Sales

Whether we admit it or not it’s a great boost to your ego when you win a sale. But there’s no room for egos in the sales process! Here’s why… You see, when you approach a sale as a “WIN-LOSE” event you lose the need to have the prospects best interests at heart in favour of winning the business. Your…

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How To Become A Trusted Advisor

If you want to really max out your sales then you need to approach your selling as though you’re a trusted advisor. This goes far beyond the call of duty of a “typical sales person”. Instead, you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, the “GO TO” person for whatever you sell. And it goes far beyond…

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My Closing Ratios Are Still High, So What’s The Problem?

I received a great question in my inbox last week that was from a salesman whose results were taking a dip yet his sales closing ratio was just as high as normal, the pipeline was a full as it ever was and his appointment setting ratios were higher than normal.  “Please help me identify where I am going wrong Sean?” was…

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The "How Are You?" Controversy

I’ved opened up a right can of worms on the internet! “Hi Mr Prospect, it’s John Byrne from ABC, how are you?” Do you get upset when a cold caller uses the “How are you?” opening? It’s a bit like marmite really – you either love it or hate it! Well, I’ve been putting the question out to my networks and…

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Gavin Wins Natural Born Sellers

……just don’t ask me how! So there I was just preparing to write my blog on how well Danny and Anna-Marie did in the latest task, about their “out of the box” thinking, their creativity and their activity rates and up comes Gavin with one deal and he wins the whole damn show. Ridiculous really. His sob sob story about…

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5 Sales Lessons We Can Take From Barack Obama

As Barack Obama becomes the most powerful man in the world, there are a number of lessons that sales people and marketers worldwide can take from this modern day, new school leader. Barack Obama is an awesome role model of just what you can do with the right belief, strategy and a hard working ethic. So here are 5 lessons that you…

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When You Lose The Sale Do This

Okay, so you’ve lost the sale you’ve been working so hard on. Now, it’s a natual reaction to get angry, to sulk and to go into denial and all of those things but keep calm and try and focus. I recommend that you have a system in place on how to deal with lost business. Here’s what you should do: 1….

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Natural Born Sellers – How To Give Demonstrations

QUICK NOTE – I was bombarded with emails asking where my comments were on the blog this week. My apologies but I was in Amsterdam giving a keynotes talk to a team of sales people at their yearly conference so I had to watch the episode on internet tv just now! By the way, if you want to receive my…

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