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How To Hire Top Sales People

Hire top sales

Finding and hiring good people is difficult in any industry. However, recruiting top sales people presents a plethora of unique challenges for the sales manager not found when hiring any other employee demographic. The main reason is that it is extremely difficult to predict who will be a top sales person. History tells us that the best sales people do…

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Lehman Bros Files For Bankruptcy

Busy stressful woman secretary under stress in the office

Lehman Bros Files For Bankruptcy…. ….what does this mean for you as a sales person? With the sad news that Leham Bros’ headquarters had been corndoned off as staff left carrying cardboard boxes with their personal belongings it got me thinking as to: A. What the UK media will make of this and B. What it will mean to you…

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Sean McPheat Heavyweight Champion!

Sean McPheat – “The Heavyweight Champion Of The World When It Comes To Selling To The Modern Buyer Of Today” Hi there, Got a bit of self indulgence here! When delivering a keynotes speaking gig recently I was referred to as The Heavyweight Champion Of The World When It Comes To Selling To The Modern Buyer Of Today I was…

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How Should I Make Cold Calls?

Salesperson making cold calls

I received a question recently from “J” who asked how he should go about making some cold calls. His email was quite lengthy so I’ve copied it below along with my thoughts: ————————————– Hi Sean, I’m just about to start a call out to follow up a mailshot we sent our recently. The mailshot I sent out was just a…

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A New Sales Approach

Woman Giving A Sales Pitch

A NEW SALES APPROACH – It’s not what you think… Here’s a question I received recently: “Is there a new/better approach to building interest in a product or service than the time honoured direct mail + cold calling process most marketers utilise? The cost of telemarketing is outrageous. The targets never remember reading your direct mail. And they are all…

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Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson made it into the 2008 Internet Marketing Ryder Cup even if Monty didn’t! Peter Thomson has always been a favourite of mine when it comes to public speaking and business growth. So much so that I added him the 2008 Internet Marketing Ryder Cup! Now whilst he is not an internet marketer through and through he would play…

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Mushroom Management RIP

Sales manager with his team

I’ve got something a little more light hearted for you today! You’ve heard of various sales management styles to avoid right? You know, like Mushroom Management! – These sales managers keep you in the dark and feed you manure every now and then! Well, here at MTD Sales Training we have come up with a list of management styles that…

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Does Cold Calling Work?

Business man at a desk on the phone

Well, does cold calling work? I’d love to hear your comments – just post something up at the end of this blog posting. Does it work for you? Got any good, bad or ugly tales to tell? There’s a train of thought that cold calling is going to die a death in the coming years if it isn’t already dead…

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Sending Emails For Business Development

Person typing an email

Do you send emails out to prospects? Do you send follow up emails to leads you’ve met? If so, read on… I received a great email the other day. The salesman who sent it was asking me whether I knew where to find some stats/websites on email opening rates etc. Here’s the questions: Hi Sean, Do you have any stats/know…

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Become A Maven

1st place medal

A maven is someone who dominates their marketplace or industry. A maven is the “go to” person for a particular product or service. A maven is the leading authority in ABC or XYZ. The truth is, mavens are well respected and trusted so if you can build up your reputation to maven status and as the “go to” person then…

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