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The Right Way To Drop Your Price

Chalkboard with man with decreasing graph

The Right Way To Drop Your Price Step 1: Stand Firm & Ask for the Order X 3 Probably the biggest mistake most sales people make when reducing the price is they do so too quickly. You cannot give away money. You cannot lower the price too soon. You must stand firm on your original price as long as possible…

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Two Quick Retail Sales Tips

Retail staff in store

I was in Dublin yesterday with a MAJOR player in the food retail industry and it reminded me of two of the very best retail sales tips that every store should use. So it doesn’t matter what you sell in your store, use them! And if you don’t sell in retail then next time you are in store see if…

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"I’m Happy With My Supplier Thanks"

Senior businessman with thumbs down

Here’s a question I received last week: Hi Sean, On the phone: When the possible client tells you that he is happy with his existing supplier how would you break that barrier to get the meeting with him anyway? Thanks Kristina I’m Happy You’re Happy!! WHAT barrier? How do you break that barrier? Here is a question for everyone to…

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How To Respond To Emails

Person typing up email on laptop

How To Respond To Email Enquiries Sending a simple email reply to a prospect or a customer seems to be the easiest and quickest way to communicate in business. However, this daily form of communication has some serious inherent problems that if overlooked can cost you money and time. Effective communication involves much more than words. Voice inflection, tone, pace…

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Selling To The Millennial Generation

Millennials word with desk

Do you know who the Millennial Generation are? You’d better, and quick at that too because you’ll have to sell to them in the not too distant future! Well, the Millennial Generation are a group of people (a bit like the Baby Boomer generation) who were born between 1977 and 1998. They are just beginning to enter the workforce and…

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Sales Target Setting

iPad and paperwork showing graphs

Sales Target Setting The Foundation of a Successful Sales Career Executive Summary You should have a plethora of personal goals: Lifetime goals such as retirement. Family goals like a successful marriage and children. Wealth goals for a beautiful home and other assets. Spiritual goals of a religious or mental health nature. Physical goals like good health. The list goes on…

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How To Develop Your Communication Skills

Communication word cloud

How To Develop Your Communication Skills Communication skills are vital if you are going to be a top sales person. But improving those communication skills is easier said then done. Without doubt the two most important skills are questioning and listening. Let’s have a look at some questioning techniques you can use. Open? Closed? Which questions should you use? I…

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Tips For Negotiating

Sales person negotiating price

Tips For Negotiating I get asked a lot for my top tips for negotiating and it all depends on what you are negotiating for. Sometimes a negotiation can be based on the price that your client wants to pay and what you want them to pay! Sometimes it’s for the products and services that you both want or don’t want…

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Cold Calling Tips

Person making a phonecall

Cold Calling Tips – 5 Top Tips For More Effective Cold Calling Cold Calling Tip # 1 – Lose the smile and dial Don’t be all enthusiastic and over the top when you make your calls. You just sound so false and like the other 20 people who’ve called your prospect that day! Cold Calling Tip # 2 – Sell…

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Art Of Cold Calling

Making a phone call

The Art Of Cold Calling – It’s time for SMILE & DIAL R.I.P! The modern day buyer can see straight through your false enthusiasm and approach……’s time to lose the smile and dial! If you sell IT services, software or anything in this area, then you, more than any other sales person, understands the real advancement of the typical prospective…

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