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Magic Cold Calling Words To Use

Cold Calling words with telephone

If you know anything about me and MTD Sales Training, then you know that I do not subscribe to the theory of a canned “telephone sales script.” In fact, I constantly talk about and teach that you must have a telephone sales presentation that is well PLANNED but certainly NOT CANNED. It is not so much about the exact words…

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"Do You Mind If I Am Arrogant?"

Salesperson holding contract and pen

Hi All, Corrielle, my PA just received a call from a “Michael from Zoo” trying to sell us some meeting software I think because the sales call was that bad I couldn’t really tell you what he was offering. (BTW I was listening in on the call when after my PA motioned to me that I would love to hear…

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Motivating Field Sales Teams

Motivated sales team

I received a cracking email from a Sales Development Manager recently who needed some advice on how to motivate a sales team who were field based. Here’s the email: Hi Sean, I’ve read your article on motivating a sales team which was excellent and I can apply all of it to my business. However, do you have any special tips…

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Sales Commission Tactics

Cartoon holding cards and cash

I received a great email from a Sales Director the other day. He was in charge of the sales operation for a B2B engineering firm and he was dipping his toe into employing some telesales staff to set appointments for his field sales teams. “Sean, how do I set the commission levels for my telesales people? I’d like to offer…

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How Much Sales Training Have You Done?

Training words

Let me ask you a question: up to this moment, how much time have you spent on perfecting and learning your craft as a professional sales person? I mean, if you added up all of the time you spent in sales training classes and all of the time you spent reading sales training material and books and every minute you…

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Contact Frequency For Prospects

Two businessmen in a meeting

This is a long un, but a good un! I just received a question from a sales person called Jack. Jack wanted to know, among other things, how many times we should be contacting prospects and clients without coming across as desperate. Here’s Jack’s question: Hi Sean, I have been subscribing for a while and look through your sales tips…

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Don’t Puke Over Me Please!

Businessman with thumbs down

I’ve just got to tell you about two of the worst examples of selling that I have come across in a long time! Poor Example # 1 “The Garden Centre Waffler” My wife and I were looking around a garden centre when we were admiring a garden table and chairs for our patio. We have literally just walked up to…

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How To Get Your Calls Returned

Businessman on the phone with thumbs up

Here’s a question I got asked last week from a sales person who receives my weekly free sales tips: “Sean, I hate it when you call or email your prospects and they never return your calls! It’s so frustrating. Can you advise anything? Thanks as always – Jeff G” Here’s what I think: You send an email, but the prospect…

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Get Your Mindset Right

Salesperson brain

Getting (and keeping) Your Mindset Right Let’s face it; there are times when it seems everything is going wrong: You lose a few sales you thought you had in the bag. Sales you closed fall out of financing. Prospecting seems to become a nightmare and it feels like you are hearing “NO,” more times than humanly possible. No other business…

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Solutions Based Selling

Two people discussing

Solution Based Selling What is it and how to do it! What is solutions-based selling? And how do you sell a solution? In answer, let me start with the word itself. Merriam-Webster defines the word solution as: “a. An action or process of solving a problem b: an answer to a problem…” Solutions based selling means providing answers to problems….

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