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Communication Skills For Sales Managers

Communication word cloud

Sales Managers Need Good Communication Skills If you’ve been in management for any length of time you will already know it doesn’t take much to cause animosity, resentment or even real distaste with people that you manage simply by answering a question. I mean just by answering a question, you can cause a host of serious problems. You have to…

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Structuring Sales Meetings

Sales process book

How regular do you think sales meetings should be organised? Should they be Individual or collective? People tend to have two chains of thought on this, and I am glad to see this question as it tells me you have not automatically bought into either of those standard chains of thought. While some managers believe that sales meetings can be…

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Conservatory Selling

Businessman offering to shake hands

Phew, what a scorcher today was! So we decided to go to our local garden centre to have a wonder around and we ended up in the conservatory section! My 2 year old daughter and I were looking at some plants and I look around and find my wife talking to a salesman about a conservatory. I wish I could…

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There’s No Trust Anymore

Caution businessman handshake

Wednesday of this week I came out with a kool idea for a postcard marketing campaign and we needed to move fast… Our designers got the postcards designed within hours and we called up our suppliers who we’ve been with for 4 years to see if they could print them quickly ready for Monday – “No problem they respond with”…

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Trade Show Tips

Helpful tips magnifying glass

Here’s another great question I received this week: “At trade events/exhibitions etc, how do you approach people without sounding like a real “sales” person?” Wow! I like this question and I am surprised I do not get it more often. It is very easy to come across to attendees at these events like a Monty Hall, lets-make-a-deal pitchman with a…

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Keeping A Positive Attitude

Businessman with thumbs up

Here’s a great question that Paola sent me a couple of weeks ago: “How do you keep your spirits up when you are going through a bit of a rough patch and every potential deal seems to be falling through for reasons beyond your control?” That is a very good question and one that takes a bit of maturity in…

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Cultivate Your Accounts

Key account management sign

How To Cultivate And Manage Your Accounts Ok, you’ve located the prospect, qualified the lead, made the contact, secured the appointment, made the presentation, presented the proposal and finally closed the sale. You now have a customer; that is someone who has done some business with you. But now what do you do? How do you turn that customer into…

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Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008

Businessmen with graphs

I’m writing this from my hotel room on Brighton front – it’s 10pm. I’m at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2008 at the Brighton Centre with 4000 budding business owners and wannabes. There are some pretty kool speakers on during this 3 day marathon. The days are long from 9am – 7pm each day. Now here’s a funny thing, and why I…

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Having A Bad Day?

Businessman having a bad day

Just remember…everyone has a bad day every now and again! Some days you’ll close everyone you speak to. Other days you won’t get a sniff! That’s sales for you! It could be worse, you could be this poor chap! Happy Selling! Sean MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog

Prospect Planning

Speech bubble with sales plan written

When it Comes to Prospecting, Planning is Key Efficient prospecting is the difference between success and failure in every B2B sales career. However, good prospecting requires much more than just prospecting skill and professionalism; it also takes good planning. There are many aspects to an effective prospecting plan; however, if you follow this one tip, it will virtually ensure results….

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