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No IT Calls

Making a phone call

Here’s an question I received last week. Hi Sean, Firstly I would like to thank you on your weekly emails. They have been thought provoking and really helped with my conversion to a competent salesperson. I am always surprised by the variety of subjects that you cover and hope this request for help brings back many more ideas. I sell…

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The Ice Cold Call

Telephone in the snow

One sure way to help make the challenging task of cold calling a little easier is to work from a pre-qualified database. When you are calling from data that has already narrowed the parameters to those businesses that fit your customer demographics, you save a lot of time, money and headaches. And if you are fortunate enough to have names…

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Price v Cost

Question mark icon

Is it the Price or the Cost? How to Overcome the Price Objection I’m surprised so many sales people still have problems with objections on price. The reason is that when you hear, “Your price is too high…” it is really not about Price; it is about “Value.” When the prospect objects to your price, they feel that the value…

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Some Will And Some Wont!

Question mark on paper

Hi there, Do you or your sales people often take the knocks to heart? Maybe your team lack that ongoing motivation to keep on going and working through the numbers and not taking each sales opportunity as a separate event? Well, here is a useful acronym that you and your sales people can use. Use it every time you cannot…

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Qualify The Decision Maker

Businessman holing decision making card

How to Qualify the Decision Maker on a Cold Call One of the many challenges sales people face in setting appointments on the telephone is qualifying the prospect, which has become a major issue and causes tremendous amounts of lost income and time. I believe the main problem for this is because most sales people still have a bit of…

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Magic Cold Calling Words To Use

Cold Calling words with telephone

If you know anything about me and MTD Sales Training, then you know that I do not subscribe to the theory of a canned “telephone sales script.” In fact, I constantly talk about and teach that you must have a telephone sales presentation that is well PLANNED but certainly NOT CANNED. It is not so much about the exact words…

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"Do You Mind If I Am Arrogant?"

Salesperson holding contract and pen

Hi All, Corrielle, my PA just received a call from a “Michael from Zoo” trying to sell us some meeting software I think because the sales call was that bad I couldn’t really tell you what he was offering. (BTW I was listening in on the call when after my PA motioned to me that I would love to hear…

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Motivating Field Sales Teams

Motivated sales team

I received a cracking email from a Sales Development Manager recently who needed some advice on how to motivate a sales team who were field based. Here’s the email: Hi Sean, I’ve read your article on motivating a sales team which was excellent and I can apply all of it to my business. However, do you have any special tips…

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Sales Commission Tactics

Cartoon holding cards and cash

I received a great email from a Sales Director the other day. He was in charge of the sales operation for a B2B engineering firm and he was dipping his toe into employing some telesales staff to set appointments for his field sales teams. “Sean, how do I set the commission levels for my telesales people? I’d like to offer…

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How Much Sales Training Have You Done?

Training words

Let me ask you a question: up to this moment, how much time have you spent on perfecting and learning your craft as a professional sales person? I mean, if you added up all of the time you spent in sales training classes and all of the time you spent reading sales training material and books and every minute you…

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