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Asking For Discounts

Blue discount stamp

I love analysing sales people at work especially when someone tries to sell to me as I know exactly what is coming next! One particular instance happened when we moved premises into the prestigous Business Innovation Centre that is part of the new Univeristy of Warwick development. If you haven’t seen a picture of our premises yet please click here….

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Piccolo Teatro

Dull light bulbs with one lit bulb

Piccolo Teatro – the next Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare! ….and what a nightmare it was too! Bad management can ruin a business and when that bad management comes from the owner then you are really in the crap! Piccolo Teatro was a vegetarian restaurant in Paris. But the adage of “build it and they will come” does not work! Gordon and…

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Did You Find Everything?

Young woman buying from store

If you run a shop or are a manager in a retail store then listen up as I’ve got a really good tip for you! We’ve just completed some retail sales training for a retail store and as part of the training we also looked at their sales processes too. Now I’m not saying that this sales technique will work…

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Sales Training Consultancy

Salesperson and prospect at a meeting

Sales consultancy is an activity that is high on a lot of our client’s agenda. MTD Sales Training Consultancy As a company looking to improve your bottom line you should take time out to look at how you do things and the sales systems you have in place. Everything that you do should support how your client’s purchase from you….

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Sales Training Jobs

People sitting down at a meeting

MTD Sales Training are currently undertaking an aggressive recruitment campaign and are looking for B2B and retail sales trainers. Due to MTD’s global reach and ever increasingly popularity within the UK and Europe we are currently being inundated with sales training enquries and requests. If you are looking for a sales training job then MTD can provide you with a…

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Loves Fish Restaurant

Building your brand

Having watched Gordon Ramsay and restaurateur Allan Love of Ruby Tates (Now known as Love’s Fish Restaurant)at it hammer and tong last night on Kitchen Nightmares I couldn’t help but have a chuckle. Here was Ramsay trying to help, albeit in his own forceful and “my way or the highway approach”. And then there was Allan Love, desperate to succeed…

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Best Sales Training

Skills increasing on paper

I’m often asked “What is the best type of sales training?” My reply is often quite simple! The best sales training any company can receive is an ongoing programme of some sort. Here’s why… The problem with one off sales training courses is that they are good for a shot in the arm but they do not have a long…

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Telesales Training Course

Business man at a desk on the phone

Telesales Training Course Effective Telesales Training Successful Telephone Selling In The 21st Century Successful selling over the telephone in the 21st century requires a different set of skills than previously displayed. Your customers have an expectation of levels of quality and service higher than ever before. Therefore, your telesales team need to use the right approach and have the relevant…

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Over-the-top loyalty, or what!

Loyalty magnet

Having been brought up in the industrial city of Coventry, the football team has always held a soft spot in my heart, even though there are times when I delve into the deepest of despair with their performances. Living many miles away from the city means my visits are most infrequent, but when I do make it back there, I…

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Poor Service

Businessman with unhappy face

I believe that the standards of customer service in the UK are awful. Here are a couple of examples from my weekend… 1. Left Hanging With The Hanging Baskets I visited BLOOMS GARDEN CENTRE in Rugby with my wife and 15 month old daughter to purchase some hanging baskets for the front of our house and also for our back…

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