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Modern Day Buyers

Modern buyer online shopping

Sales techniques need to change to reflect the new age buyer! The world of the modern day buyer has changed! First understand that the modern-day consumer is within him or herself, a technologically advanced, well educated sales person. We live in the age of an information explosion. Information technology has seen more advancement in the last few years than at…

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MAN about prospecting

Prospecting stamp

Or should that read MAD about prospecting?! No, I was right the first time! When you prospect over the telephone do you always get stuck with the people who can never make the decision? Do you know of the three types of people that you should aim for when prospecting? Well, the person you should ultimately get through to should…

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Be Specific In Your Communication

Communication Word Cloud

Why say only five words when a thousand will do! Sounds like any salespeople in your company? It might even be you! Do you tend to waffle when answering questions from your prospects? The thing is, we waste far too much time in explaining what we mean. What we want are precise and concise communications right? Of course we do!…

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When The Time Is Right…Pounce!

Keep Going written on the road

When you “lose” a deal or a sale what do you do? Do you just dust yourself down and move onto the next one? Or do you put that “lost deal” lead into a follow up system and then dust yourself down and move on? Hopefully it will be the latter. The fact that you lost a sale means that…

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How To Make More Sales

Increasing arrow with a businessman

Do you want to know the most popular question I get asked? Well, here it is… “Sean, how do I make more sales?” Yes, that’s it in a nutshell! The problem with the people who ask this question is in the actual question itself. Too many sales people focus on the end result i.e the sale rather than the process….

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The Granary Hampshire

Businessman holding up hand showing no

The Granary in Hampshire – where ego met ego in the latest Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare! Nigel Nieddu, the owner of the Granary and “successful businessman” just did not take to Ramsay’s straight talking and feedback. When egos meet they would rather be proved right than have the right decision made. I hope that makes sense. Rather than admit defeat or…

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Curry Lounge

Businessman holding trophy

The Curry Lounge was a 110 seater, all glitz and no taste curry house based in Nottingham. This was the latest installment in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and the restaurant was losing £3k per week. A “DIY” restaurant – on the face of it a nice customer orientated idea but practically a nightmare! The DIY part was that the customers could…

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Dealing With Price Issues

Emptying change into money box

Hi Don’t worry if you come up against price objections – in my book it’s a sign of real interest. Here are some things to consider around handling price objections. INFORMATION Make sure your prospect has all of the information to really understand and value your products and services. DON’T AGREE Don’t agree that your product is more expensive than…

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Christmas Shopping Experience

Christmas shop window

So I did my Christmas shopping yesterday and I experienced a mixed retail shopping experience. A week ago my wife Donna and I had already completed all of our shopping for our little 15 month old Daughter, Holly and all of our friends and family but now it was the dreaded “Shopping for my wife’s presents” time! Let me tell…

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The Priory Ramsay Nightmare

Marketing written on a chalkboard

It was another cracker of a Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare last night. This time it was the turn of The Priory in Haywards Heath – West Sussex. From a boring and very plastic carvery, The Priory re-invented itself into a Grill to reposition itself to a new and more affluent market. After Ramsay left, the orders went down and when he…

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