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Czech Dream

Increasing value

I watched a very interesting documentary on Channel 4 last night called Czech Dream. It was about two students who decided, through effective advertising, to open a hypermarket that would never exist to see if people would get drawn in with the advertising methods and hype surrounding it’s cheap prices and dreamy world promises. So, through TV, leaflets, radio,  billboards…

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Sales Mindset

Salesperson brain

As a sales professional you should not only improve your sales technique but you also need to improve your mindset and what goes on between those ears. Within sales you will most likely get more “no’s” than “yes’s” so you need to develop a thick skin and a positive mental attitude. So, instead of just learning how to close more…

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Worst Salespeople

Bad salesperson

10 top tips to become the worst sales person in your company! Have you ever had sales people who just never seem to make it no matter how hard they try? These sales people are one of the main factors for decline in business. Your sales people are the heart of your company and without good ones you will find…

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Harry Ramsden Lessons

Word Lesson on a newspaper

Last weekend we decided to go for a silly day out to Blackpool. We wanted to take our little 1 year old daughter to the seaside for the first time and also take in the lights too. We ended up in Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chip shop for a sit down meal just before we set off for the 2 hour…

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New Product Launch

man running on stairs to success, successful concept

Well, it’s nearly completed! For the past 7 months I have been working night and day on a new sales concept that will most likely blow all what you’ve learnt about sales over the past 20 decades into orbit! What is it? Well, I can’t say too much about it at the moment but I know a lot of other…

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Have A Strategy

Speech bubble with sales plan written

We’ve just come back from speaking at Call Centre Expo at the NEC and from our point of view it was a roaring success. Along with MTD were Sir Ranluph Fiennes and former Apprentice Winner Michelle Dewbury who delivered the worst keynotes talk I and no doubt hundreds of others had ever heard – it was embarrassing to say the least….

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On The Treadmill

Cartoon holding cards and cash

Now that my wife is finally back home from hospital after beating a life threatening illness for months on end, it’s time to get back to some normality! It was only yesterday that I tried to fit in to some of my suits and she was poking fun at me so things are getting back to normal! Whilst Donna was in…

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Smile And Dial RIP

Making a cold call

Do you make cold calls? Were you taught to be happy when making them and smile on the telephone? Well, the days of looking into a mirror when on the telephone is over! Many old outdated sales techniques and trainings used to go on and on about smiling when on the telephone so you sound enthusiastic and happy. Let me…

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Friendly Selling

Sales woman smiling

That Friday Feeling! It’s 4:30 on a Friday… You know, success in selling is down to common sense… But common sense is not common! By being friendly and coming from a position of help rather than “You’re my next pay cheque” when meeting and talking with your clients, you will dramatically improve your sales. Most of your prospects just want…

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No Objections?

Jumping over objections

Last week I was asked to run an “Objection Handling” workshop for a company and I replied with “I don’t do objection handling courses”. I don’t believe in them. Here’s why… If you get an objection you haven’t actually asked the right questions and listened to the answers up front. It’s your job as a sales person to cut the…

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