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Curry Sales Lessons

Word Lesson on a newspaper

My wife and I have been going to the same Indian Restuarant for the past 16 years, the exact same time that we have been together! We’ve moved twice in that time too and now we live 20 miles away from the Dhaka Dynasty but we still make at least 1 or 2 trips there each month. Here’s why: – They…

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Sales Recruitment Tip

Cartoon image of onboarding staff

Whilst we specialise in sales training, coaching and consultancy we are very frequently asked, and especially myself for some reason, to help with either the recruitment of or the selection of sales people for organisations. And to tell you the truth I love it because I have seen it all with this! The best and most effective interview question that I…

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Mind Your Language

Business man covering mouth

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I always remember that my Nan always used to love watching a comedy programme called “Mind Your Language”. For those of you who do not remember the show it was about a night school class that taught English to ethnic minorities. For those of you who do remember the show you are showing…

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Handling Objections

Businessman holding up hand showing no

3 Useful Objection Handling Tactics When it comes to down to it, the way that you deal with your objections will either make or break the sale. Now I know that you are dead busy so here are just 3 useful objection handling tools and phrases that you can start to use right now! TACTIC # 1 SAY OTHER, “BIGGER…

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"Coffee’s For Closers"

Holding a coffee cup cartoon

I think we have all watched those movies that either act as a lesson or a warning when it comes to sales and business in general. I’m thinking of Gordon Gheko in Wall Street and his “Greed is good” speech! I’m talking about Boiler Room and Ben Affleck’s “Group Sales Interview” speech – whilst I am sure we would all love…

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Sales Copy Nuggets

Scrunched paper with a light bulb

Here are some top tips when writing sales copy: “The headlines and sub headlines that you write will make or break your copy. You need to create curiosity and the desire for them to read on!” “Focus on benefits and what your products and services will do for your prospect/client” “Use bullet points to explain features and benefits rather than…

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Door To Door Script

Businessman knocking the door

I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers who wanted to go “door to door” to drum up some sales: Hi Sean, I work as a will consultant for a large company and to drum up some extra business over the next 6 weeks I have decided to cold call (door to door)potential clients in my area.Now when…

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Entrepreneur Awards

Young Entrepreneur Award 2007

Sean McPheat came 2nd in the 2007 British Business Awards in the “Young Entrepreneur Of The Year” category. Sean fought off hundreds of other entrepreneurs to take the award for his contribution and innovation in making MTD Sales Training in to one of the leading sales training providers in Europe. MTD have several local offices throughout the UK with their…

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How Not To Sell Furniture

Holding NO! sign

I received an email recently from a guy called David Poole who described his experiences when purchasing some furniture. Maybe you can learn some lessons form this too? Here’s David’s email: Hi Sean (Sean my apologies for you not knowing who I am, my name is David Poole and both Nick and I subscribe to your fantastic newsletters, oh and Amelie is…

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Buyer Reluctance

Business woman with arms in a cross

Here’s a question that was sent through email a couple of weeks ago: “Some of my clients may know someone who has had a bad experience with another product ie. paid £3000 for it and then kept them in a draw. Could you please give me some tips on how to convince my client that that would not happen to…

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