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Ricoh Rant

Businessman with thumbs down

My admin team are always given the enviable task (or not!) of arranging the MTD Sales Training Christmas party! There’s more to it than meets the eye though! Not only do they have to find somewhere suitable but I always like something different too. I get bored easily with a sit down to a 3 course meal followed by a disco…

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Call Centre Expo

Cartoon calendar

  Hi All, This is just a quick note to let you know that Brian Perry, Mark Williams and myself are keynote speakers at this years Call Centre Expo at the NEC on 26/27 September. Amongst the keynote speakers this year are also Sir Ranulph Fiennes and ‘Apprentice’ winner Michelle Dewberry so they will both be in good company! Would…

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Hells Kitchen

Helpful tips chalk board

So Marco Pierre White has filled the shoes of his protege Gordon Ramsay! How did he do? Well, last nights opening programme was compelling viewing. I loved to see how Marco tried to “make his mark” over the latest bunch of Z list celebrities. Having eaten in 3 of Gordon Ramsays restaurants (I am a big fan of GR by…

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Adverts Dont Work

Word Advert on wooden table

There’s a buzz going around the marketing world at the moment that “Most advertising does not work”. I have to disagree. It should really read “Most advertising does not work because people do not know how to do it correctly!” It really is a shame to see so many businesses waste thousands of pounds each year through ineffective advertising. The…

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Pushing To Buy

Businessman offering to shake hands

When you believe in your heart in what you sell, the prospect can tell the difference. A prospect can tell when a sales person begins to “push” for the sale because of selfish reasons; that is when the prospect gets annoyed and begins to feel pressured.  However, when you are pushing the prospect and the person can see in your…

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Curry Sales Lessons

Word Lesson on a newspaper

My wife and I have been going to the same Indian Restuarant for the past 16 years, the exact same time that we have been together! We’ve moved twice in that time too and now we live 20 miles away from the Dhaka Dynasty but we still make at least 1 or 2 trips there each month. Here’s why: – They…

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Sales Recruitment Tip

Cartoon image of onboarding staff

Whilst we specialise in sales training, coaching and consultancy we are very frequently asked, and especially myself for some reason, to help with either the recruitment of or the selection of sales people for organisations. And to tell you the truth I love it because I have seen it all with this! The best and most effective interview question that I…

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Mind Your Language

Business man covering mouth

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I always remember that my Nan always used to love watching a comedy programme called “Mind Your Language”. For those of you who do not remember the show it was about a night school class that taught English to ethnic minorities. For those of you who do remember the show you are showing…

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Handling Objections

Businessman holding up hand showing no

3 Useful Objection Handling Tactics When it comes to down to it, the way that you deal with your objections will either make or break the sale. Now I know that you are dead busy so here are just 3 useful objection handling tools and phrases that you can start to use right now! TACTIC # 1 SAY OTHER, “BIGGER…

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"Coffee’s For Closers"

Holding a coffee cup cartoon

I think we have all watched those movies that either act as a lesson or a warning when it comes to sales and business in general. I’m thinking of Gordon Gheko in Wall Street and his “Greed is good” speech! I’m talking about Boiler Room and Ben Affleck’s “Group Sales Interview” speech – whilst I am sure we would all love…

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