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Handling Objections

3 Useful Objection Handling Tactics When it comes to down to it, the way that you deal with your objections will either make or break the sale. Now I know that you are dead busy so here are just 3 […]

"Coffee’s For Closers"

I think we have all watched those movies that either act as a lesson or a warning when it comes to sales and business in general. I’m thinking of Gordon Gheko in Wall Street and his “Greed is good” speech! […]

Door To Door Script

I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers who wanted to go “door to door” to drum up some sales: Hi Sean, I work as a will consultant for a large company and to drum up some extra […]

How Not To Sell Furniture

I received an email recently from a guy called David Poole who described his experiences when purchasing some furniture. Maybe you can learn some lessons form this too? Here’s David’s email: Hi Sean (Sean my apologies for you not knowing who I […]

Buyer Reluctance

Here’s a question that was sent through email a couple of weeks ago: “Some of my clients may know someone who has had a bad experience with another product ie. paid £3000 for it and then kept them in a […]

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Essential Sales Skills

Learn the fundamentals of selling with our essential Sales Skills Training course. Develop your skills, behaviours, mindset and performance.
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Sales Management

Take your sales leadership skills to the next level with Sales Management Training. Coaching, planning and performance management.
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Account Management

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