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Businessman with unhappy faceI believe that the standards of customer service in the UK are awful.

Here are a couple of examples from my weekend…

1. Left Hanging With The Hanging Baskets

I visited BLOOMS GARDEN CENTRE in Rugby with my wife and 15 month old daughter to purchase some hanging baskets for the front of our house and also for our back garden. It was 4:30 on Sunday and it was almost empty with about 20 staff on show as I stood behind someone in the queue with my trolley loaded with hanging baskets and plants. She had a lot of queries and took 9 minutes while I just stood there like a lemon while staff (7 of them in my view) gossiped and were obviously “closing down” for the night. Still I waited until I had enought – I said in a raised voice “Is anyone going to serve me here or shall I just put the goods back?”. All of a sudden someone who was sweeping up just 2 feet away from me and another till said “Come over to this till” and she processed my order. No sorry, no nothing. It was awful.

They were just jobsworth people and after my outburst a couple of them smirked and commented on what I had said. Appalling.

2. We went for Sunday Dinner at our local pub. The menu said “Sunday dinner is a special time for friends and family to spend together with our traditional roast” Obviously not special enough as they had run out of the Sunday Roast come 4pm! This is the 5th time this has happened too. Do you think they know about the problem? Thing is, the roast is £9.99 each and everything else on the menu is around 5 or 6 quid so they are losing a lot of turnover!

Please please please take notice of the poor service I received. In your business, do you know what is going on? Do you have high standards? Do you actually give a toss about the customer? I mean, truly, madly care about the customer?

Make sure your systems are set up to deliver excellent customer service at all times and get rid of everything or anyone who does not contribute to this.

Like I say to everyone I meet “You are either part of the solution or part of the problem”

Sean Mc

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Originally published: 28 October, 2007