Prescription Before Diagnosis Is Malpractice

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Serious woman listening to co-worker explaining new online businYou wouldn’t walk into your doctors surgery only for him to say a quick hello and then start to write you out a prescription before he’s asked about your symptoms, your problems, where the hurt is or with you sticking your tongue and saying “saying ahh”!

So why would you do the same in your sales interactions!

So many sales people go into sales meeting with one thing on their mind:

“How am I going to pitch this prospect?”

Instead, you should go into every meeting with the view that you’re going to find out about where the hurt and the pain is first AND THEN prescribe the remedy (i.e your solution or product)

By focusing your mind in this way you will:

* Come across as someone who is just not “in it” for the sale
* Differentiate yourself from the other salespeople they are seeing
* Come across as someone who adds value
* Come across as someone who is an expert in the field
* Build a lasting, ongoing and profitable relationship

So start to think and question like a doctor does and remember:

“Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice”

Happy selling


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Originally published: 28 October, 2009