Pushing To Buy

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Businessman offering to shake handsWhen you believe in your heart in what you sell, the prospect can tell the difference.

A prospect can tell when a sales person begins to “push” for the sale because of selfish reasons; that is when the prospect gets annoyed and begins to feel pressured. 

However, when you are pushing the prospect and the person can see in your eyes, that you are pushing for their benefit; when the prospect can see that you are pushing from your heart, that is when the customer not only allows you to continue to push, but they thank you after the sale for pushing them and they become your best customers. 


Here is another question for you: When you make a sale, who do you believe will benefit the most from the sale? Who do you think will get the most out of the sale, in the long run: A – You, B – Your company or C the customer?  When you make a sale, who do you really think gets the best end of the deal, and be honest.  Do you think that your company actually gets the most or profits or benefits the most?

If you honestly can answer that you believe that your customer gets the best end of the stick, if you really feel that your commission will be spent in a few days and your company gets very little, but your customer will reap the benefits for years to come and that your customer gets the far better bargain, then shouldn’t you push them to buy?

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Originally published: 29 August, 2007