What To Do When Salespeople Are No Longer Needed…

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

points a finger at a personAll our research is showing that, in the future, the role of the salesperson will not be to sell anything.

Prospects can now research company information, reviews, feedback, and all manner of information online, so the need to have a salesperson presenting and demonstrating benefits is becoming less and less necessary.

If the role is going to change so significantly, what can you do to be ahead of the game?

How can you prove yourself so valuable, prospects will still want to be in contact with you even though they can find the information they need in many other ways?

Well, as just stated, gone are the days where you need to present information as if the prospect has never heard of you before.

They probably know more about you than you realise.

In the future, businesses will require you to be consultants to their business and the potential results they can get.

If your way of working with customers today is product-based (presenting information, discovering pains, negotiating prices, etc) you may need to identify how you can be more valuable to your prospects.

Here are some ideas:

  • Become the expert on niche situations of real value to your prospects
  • Write Social content that will get your name known quickly in your industry
  • Create emails that talk about business issues, not your products
  • Offer consultations to prospects about how other companies have used your services and the results they have achieved
  • Use your YouTube channel to make videos on how the use of your products have changed business results
  • Join LinkedIn groups that your prospects belong to. Share solid gold nuggets of information. Answer questions that people in the group are asking. Become known as the go-to person in that group.
  • Share interesting articles of relevance to your prospects so they see the value of knowing you and understand you are more interested in their business than in selling your products.

There may come a time when salespeople, while not becoming redundant, will have to change the way they approach their role in order to be an asset to their future customers.

By becoming more valuable to businesses today, you pave the road to that time when the salesperson of old will not be relevant anymore.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 12 May, 2017