Some Home Truths, Relationships Are Built On Value

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Letters spelling out valueIn a previous blog, we covered off some home truths that salespeople still cling to, in the hope that the olde worlde still exists out there somewhere. The fact is that although many salespeople still sell the way they did five or ten years ago, the buyers that existed then don’t exist any more. And this is especially true in respects to relying too heavily on relationships in selling.

Although it may have worked before, relying on ‘the old boy’s network’ is rapidly becoming another home truth that can bite the dust:

False: Relationships sell

Truth: Relationships help, but only if the prospect values what we offer, and if they trust us to solve their problems

Now, of course, I’m not knockinghow important it is to build and keep a relationshipgoing…it’s just that most buyers tell us that a supplier just relying on long-term relationships without keeping up-to-date with competitor knowledge, industry acumen and company figures is risking an awful lot in these competitive days.

The value that is offered still has to be kept up, and the current and future problems faced still have to be dealt with.

A good question you have to repeatedly ask yourself concerning your loyal customers is, “If they had to choose a new supplier, in today’s business environment and with the same business pressures, would they still choose us?”

By making sure you don’t get too blasé about the relationship, you still concentrate on giving value and dedication to your loyal customers. That way, you don’t give them any reason to doubt your commitment to them, at the expense of newer, more demanding clients. By still providing that value, you keep the relationship and the business connection going. And that can only be good for business!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 13 October, 2010

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