Stop Being A Salesperson & Be A Business Resource

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Support green wordingMany surveys have been carried out asking for business-buyers’ reactions to salespeople who approach their businesses. Many buyers are impressed by the level of knowledge that some salespeople bring with them, and often comment to us about their professionalism and business acumen.

However there are still too many salespeople out there who simply try to sell their products. They believe they have great products and they should be being bought by every prospect in their industry. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

But it’s when the products and services are the main focus of attention that it becomes pushy and forcing. Prospects will only buy from you if they see the benefits to their business. Plus, today’s buyer wants and needs help to see how their business can be better. If you’re able to offer that kind of help, there is more chance that the prospect will listen to your suggestions and see you as a real asset to them.

By becoming a business resource to them, you open up many opportunities to do business and assist them in becoming better at what they do. Think to yourself how you could benefit their business other than with your products and services. For example, how could you help them know more about business opportunities that might be available to them? Could you keep them informed of new ideas in their industry? Could you link up with them on LinkedIn and provide them with links to thought starters or highlight and forward some group activity information that they would find useful?

Think how you could increase the value of your company’s back up to their business and to individuals within it. Could you create newsletters and whitepapers that show what the client could use the products and services for in increasing productivity or reducing costs?

Whatever you can do to improve their business success will improve your chances of gaining a positive result.

And talking of resources here are over 50 useful sales resources to help you close more deals.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 24 July, 2013

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