Structuring Sales Meetings

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Sales process bookHow regular do you think sales meetings should be organised? Should they be Individual or collective?

People tend to have two chains of thought on this, and I am glad to see this question as it tells me you have not automatically bought into either of those standard chains of thought.

While some managers believe that sales meetings can be a huge waste of time and therefore usually have too few; others believe that sales meetings are important but tend to have too many. Which is right?

There are a lot of factors that go into figuring out the best sales meeting set up for each company and situation, so I will give you the foundation and you can design a plan that best fits your organization.

You want to base the sales meeting schedule and structure on three things:

1. Your sales model; your overall selling cycle
2. The geographical and logistical parameters of your sales operation
3. The overall sales experience of your sales force

Your sales model; selling cycle: Let’s say that your sales model is such that an above average sales person should do five presentations or closing attempts every day (five days a week) and should close one sale everyday or five sales a week. In this case, I would meet with the entire sales crew everyday. Have short sales meetings to start their day, paying accolades to those who sold the previous day, correcting mistakes and motivating them to go out in the field again. You can then hold a longer, more strategic company or regional sales meeting once a month.

However, if your sales cycle is such that sales people complete only one sales presentation per week and close one sale a month, then you might meet once a week, with a more detailed sales meeting celebrating closed sales once a month and a quarterly regional meeting. You see what I mean? Figure out how often sales people should close sales and meet around those times.

The geographical and logistical parameters of your sales operation: Now with what I said above, we have to realize how geography and other logistic play into the situation. Perhaps your model is to close one sale everyday, but your sales people are spread around the county and you can not possibly see them everyday? In a case like this, I would have each sales person call me at the end of each day for a brief personal one-on-one sales meeting via telephone and hold the weekly sales meeting.

The overall sales experience of your sales force: However, in addition to the above, you have to also consider the experience level of the sales team. If they are very experience people who have been with the firm a number of years and work well independently, perhaps you scale down the weekly or personal meetings. On the other hand, with a younger less experienced sales team you might want to meet everyday, plus have a big weekly meeting and sales training session, PLUS meet with sales people individually, going out with them in the field, coaching and training them constantly.

So first, meet around the time that sales should close, your sales cycle. Then take into consideration the logistics and finally make adjustments depending on experience level. I hope this helps!

Happy Selling


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 29 July, 2008

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