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5 Ways To Deal With A Picky Customer

Salesperson dealing with a picky customer

We’ve all had them; those customers for whom nothing you ever do is enough, or everything you do is wrong, or you’re blamed for everything that isn’t your fault. A picky customer is usually like that with every situation. It’s probably not just you. It could be that their character is simply one for whom nothing reaches the level of…

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One Change That Can Make Or Break Business Partnerships

We often hear about how ‘relationships’ make or break the long-term partnership with a client, and it’s true that the connection that you keep with the client can play a vital part in determining whether you will keep getting repeat orders or not from your client. But our studies have shown that there is one main component in a supplier/client…

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Tips For Successful Account Management

It is 6 to 7 times harder to convert a new customer than to sell to an existing one. This is exactly why Key Account Management is one of the most important aspects of the sales process and an integral facet of every single business. Being a successful account manager means more than knowing your customers, being proactive and quickly…

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Getting Beneath The Surface Of Your Prospects’ Beliefs

My team and I have sat in on many visits with sales people, listening to great examples (and not so great!) of consultancy sessions, where the client has specific needs and the salesperson deals with those needs. Recently, I came across a sales technique that had me thinking about whether those salespeople could really have dug deeper to discover needs…

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A Plan For Successful KEY Accounts Management

Closing the sale is one thing. However successfully managing the account is yet another level of selling entirely. In particularly, when dealing with large, major or key accounts; after the sale management is where the actual selling begins. The following is a generic, but effective plan to help you better manage key accounts. Consult & Advise If you did your…

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3 Important Actions To Take When You Really Mess Up

Let’s face it, you are human and you will make mistakes. Also, your company and other people you work with have flaws and are prone to err once in a while as well. So what do you do when you or your company screws up, costing the customer time, money, headaches or worse? #1. Acknowledge and Inform as Soon as…

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