becoming a trusted advisor

Follow These 4 Steps To Become A Thought Leader

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I had an interesting meeting a week back with a prospect I had never heard of. Here’s what happened: my team fielded a call from someone who was adamant they needed to speak to me, and me only. He was the Marketing Director of a large company here in the Midlands and he wasn’t going to put the phone down…

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5 Keys To Becoming Your Customer’s Trusted Partner


If you’re in any kind of sales position, you really want to make buying and using your products easy and profitable. That’s the real reason why people buy them in the first place; to make their lives or their businesses run smoother. Unless you’re selling transactional, one-off items that will never be repeat buys, you want to build up some…

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The Four Dimensions Of The Trusted Advisor

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You want the customer to view you as more than a sales person. You want them to view you as more than a consultant. You need them to view you as a trusted advisor. Only then do your views, your comments, your suggestions, your advice actually hit home to the client and make them pay attention to the ideas you…

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6 Ways You Can Become A Trusted Advisor To Your Customer

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There are many levels of service that you can achieve with your customers, and many salespeople are quite happy to achieve the status of supplier to their businesses. At this level, you continue to offer products and services as and when the customer needs them, and the relationship rarely goes beyond making sure the goods are delivered on time. Some…

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Becoming A Trusted Advisor

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We often discuss on our courses the value that you offer to your clients. Many salespeople forget how valuable your services can be to your clients, as you’re effectively helping them to create new customers for themselves, simply by being there for them. You have the power to make your customer base very profitable in their markets. Our discussions often…

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