building loyalty

3 Powerful Tips To Create Client Loyalty

Increasing graph on customer loyalty

In today’s marketplace of shrinking budgets, growing competition and modern, sophisticated buyers, establishing stronger client loyalty is not easy. There always stands a competitor ready to offer lower prices and higher value, while buyers are also looking to play companies off one another in search of the best deal. It should be obvious to anyone in business today, that to establish…

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For Greater Customer Loyalty, Keep Selling!

To grow your business, you have to open new doors, but you also must successfully cultivate current relationships. While there are a ton of “after-the-sale-best practices”, this seldom thought about tip, may be the most essential of them all. Try this and it will help you cultivate deeper relationships and turn more one-time customers into long-time clients. The Next Step…

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They Bent Over Backwards To Satisfy The Customer

I just got this in from my friend and super salesman, John Landrine in the US, about an experience he had this past weekend. I had to share it with you and I have a couple of questions for you after you read this short story and example of customer service at its finest! Excellent Service = More Sales “Sean,…

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Some Home Truths, Relationships Are Built On Value

Letters spelling out value

In a previous blog, we covered off some home truths that salespeople still cling to, in the hope that the olde worlde still exists out there somewhere. The fact is that although many salespeople still sell the way they did five or ten years ago, the buyers that existed then don’t exist any more. And this is especially true in…

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Build On Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Drawn On Brick Wall

I was speaking to one of our clients this week about his job role. He’s an account manager. So he manages accounts. Sounds good. Every account we have needs managing. But his gripe was concerning the fact that he has to spend so much time looking for new business that he seldom has enough time to develop business with his…

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Can You Buy Loyalty?

Loyalty Magnet

How valuable is a loyal customer to your business? Many clients we deal with don’t think about this important question often enough. They will spend lots of time advertising for new customers, while existing customers visit only once or filter out the back door without saying goodbye. We can think of our customer going through four stages of the buying…

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