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5 Things That KILL The Sale, Building Rapport & A Quote From Jim Catchcart

Episode 11 – 5 Things That KILL The Sale, Building Rapport & A Quote From Jim Catchcart This podcast includes: The things you do that can kill the sale How to build rapport with your prospects An inspire me quote from Jim Catchcart Take a look at this episode on

6 Business Questions To Ask Your Prospects To Build Rapport

A salesman in doubt

One of our trainers asked on a sales course recently how they open their visits with customers. Many offered the idea that they should build rapport with customers by commenting on the weather, some items the prospect has in the office, what their journey was like that day, and so on. Our trainer asked how long they take to ask…

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5 Ways That Your Rapport Building Is Destroying Your Buyer’s Trust


You will have heard how important it is to build rapport with a buyer and gain their trust. If it doesn’t exist, it’s unlikely you’ll get very far with building a relationship. One definition of rapport is: a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication. This harmony is important because without it…

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21 Questions That Will Build Instant Rapport


This sales blog is an excerpt of 450 Sales Questions – click here to download your complimentary copy Although rapport should be built all throughout the sales interaction via the tonality that you use, your body language gestures and through active listening skills, when you first meet with a prospect you need to break the ice. This can be when you first…

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6 Questions That Will Enhance Your Client Relationships

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Many salespeople we talk to are happy to discuss their sales techniques and what they do right with their clients. The topics often drift onto which customers they love dealing with and which they would sell to the devil himself if they could. Oftentimes, we take these really great customers for granted. By that I mean we continue getting great…

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The Best Sales People Make Effortless Rapport, But It’s Not What You Think

Building rapport is the holy grail for many sales people. They think that if the relationship is cemented before they try to pitch their product, then they stand a better chance of successful outcomes. What do most people think ‘rapport is? Most think it’s talking about the weather, some photos they see in office or how last weekend’s sports events went. However,…

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Think The Way Your Buyer Thinks

Watching Derren Brown at the theatre a few weeks ago made me realise how little we mere mortals know about the way the mind works. He’s a great showman and artist, and readily admits that there’s nothing magical about what he does in his stage shows. It’s all illusion and trickery, but mightily impressive, especially when you haven’t got a…

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Why Matching & Mirroring Really Works

Have you heard of matching and mirroring? It’s the concept psychologists talk about when they refer to us building unconscious rapport with another person. They talk about matching their unconscious body language and gestures so that they feel at ease in our company. They also refer to matching or mirroring the words they use to describe their experiences. By using…

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Building Rapport – Infographic

Whenever you use phrases like “I only do business with him/her” or “I think that person really understands me”, the likelihood is that you have experienced ‘Rapport’. Rapport is a personal state between two or more people which allow relationships to form, trust to be built and frustrations to be eased, and this is obviously very important skills for sales…

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How To Get The Prospect To Believe In You

You can have all of the sales techniques in the world, a great product and service, plus a more than fair price; but if the buyer does not believe in you or trust you, you will not be successful. Please do not misunderstand. When I say the prospect needs to BELIEVE in you, I do not mean they must LIKE…

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