Buyer Types

How Do You Know Your Customer Will Be A Returning Client?

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Unless you’re working with customers who are purely in transactional mode, the holy grail of sales is gaining repeat business. Turning a one-time customer into a loyal client increases revenue, profit and probable recommendations exponentially. So, how can you tell if the customer you’re dealing with will return and do more business with you? Here are some ideas to work…

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Know The Prospective Buyer

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Know The Prospective Buyer Understanding and dealing with different personality types Buyer Traits While every person is different, you will find that most prospective customers fit into certain categories. We will examine how to recognise each one, and then provide tips on how to deal with them. These tips, of course, are not concrete rules that apply to every personality…

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3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Buyer

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Your ability to uncover needs in your customer’s business is one of the areas that will make you stand out from the competition. It can differentiate you, your services and your products because it offers a perspective that few buyers may be able to see themselves. That outsider viewpoint can make a big difference to the buyer, as they can…

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How Salespeople Can Get Into Their Buyer’s Brain

Exploring Human Brain

One thing that many salespeople come on our workshops to learn is ‘the Holy Grail’, that is, what can they do to guarantee success every time they try to sell their products. Without being presumptuous and claiming I’ve cracked the Enigma Code of Sales, there truthfully is only one reason why buyers would decide to buy from you. Of course,…

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Are You Selling To Entrepreneurs Correctly?

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Entrepreneurs are by their very nature independent and flexible in their approach to their company and the way it works. Every decision they make could have a big effect on their future operations, so they want to make sure their processes help them achieve their goals. This is often different to decision-makers in larger organisations, where the procedures they follow…

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How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 4

In Part One of this series, we looked at motivational direction. In Part Two, we discussed Frames of Reference and how they are diagnosed. Part Three covered how people match or mismatch in their decision-making philosophy. Here, in Part Four, we identify how buyers convince themselves they are making the right decision to choose you. First, a recap: People’s decision-making…

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How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 1

Decisions, decisions….ah, there’s a dilemma inside every choice for everyone! The way decisions are made can tell you a lot about the personality of a person. The reason for this is that everyone has a short-cut to how they view the world. Their view is through their particular ‘spectacles’…how they see things always matches their beliefs about how things should…

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Understanding Different Buyer Types – Infographic

As a sales person, you cannot simply use the same sales techniques to sell to every prospects because not all prospects are the same. Each buyer will have a different way of thinking, a different way of understanding and a different decision making process – so “one style suits all” is certainly not the best approach for sales people to…

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Understanding Your Prospect’s Buying Motives – Video Blog

To sell to new prospects and clients you must understand their reasons for buying. What is motivating them to make this purchase? What are they going to get from it? How will it benefit them? Why do they need it? If you don’t truly understand your prospects buying motives you will find it very hard to make a good sales…

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How To Handle The Prospect Who Trusts No One

Invariably you will run into prospects who trust no one and are afraid of everything and everyone. They are paranoid and suspect of everything and sometimes even sold proof to the contrary does not sway their beliefs. Often there is good reason for prospective buyers to share such a sentiment. Once a trusting, opening minded buyer gets caught in a…

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