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3 Buying Motives Of The Modern-Day Buyer

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Selling today is all about recognising the true motivations of buyers and aligning your presentation/solution to match their needs and desires. We all know that. So, with an up-to-date buyer, who has little in the way of time and resources to spend, what do we need to do to assist them to make a decision to choose us and our…

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The 1 Question Every Buyer Wants Answered

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Over the years most training and development programmes for salespeople have emphasised the importance of effective processes and techniques to be able to ‘sell’ their products and services. Most salespeople want to know how to ‘open the call’ or ‘overcome objections’. The skill development has revolved around how the knowledge and experience can be built so that they can capture interest,…

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How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 5

For Part One, Motivation Directions, Click Here For Part Two, Frames of Reference, Click Here For Part Three, Matching and Mismatching, Click Here For Part Four, Convincer Strategies, Click Here Our final part of this series of how buyers make decisions looks at what people see as necessary and what they see as possible. It’s an interesting strategy people use…

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How Buyers Make Decisions

Imagine you are in a restaurant, cafe or canteen, looking at the menu. You’re pretty hungry, but not overly so. You need to quench your thirst and fill your stomach, as you inspect what’s available. How do you make the decision as to what you will buy? Do you go with a tried and trusted solution, items you’ve had many…

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Make Your Solution Essential Rather Than Desirable

On our courses, we often ask sales people ‘what exactly do you sell?‘ After we’ve got through the list of products and services, they cotton on that people, their prospects,  don’t buy those things. So we get answers like ‘solutions to problems’ and ‘opportunities to expand their businesses’. But are those obvious answers always correct? Yes and No! Often your…

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When Your Customer Won’t Make a Decision

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Customers often use delaying tactics and techniques for many reasons. In fact Doug Hall, in his book “Jump Start Your Marketing Brain” cites research studies that have identified over 80 reasons why customers delay making a decision. Interestingly, those delays can be amalgamated into five key reasons. Now, it’s not about forcing customers to make decisions (both you and they…

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How Your Prospects Make Their Buying Decisions

[putvideo]aaJu89iyEhw[/putvideo] If you ever wondered how important creating a positive brand and sales message is then YOU MUST watch this video. Learn how the modern day buyer makes their purchasing decisions. This is VERY VERY important. Happy Selling Sean Sean McPheat MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog