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How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 1

Decisions, decisions….ah, there’s a dilemma inside every choice for everyone! The way decisions are made can tell you a lot about the personality of a person. The reason for this is that everyone has a short-cut to how they view the world. Their view is through their particular ‘spectacles’…how they see things always matches their beliefs about how things should…

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How Buyers Make Decisions

Imagine you are in a restaurant, cafe or canteen, looking at the menu. You’re pretty hungry, but not overly so. You need to quench your thirst and fill your stomach, as you inspect what’s available. How do you make the decision as to what you will buy? Do you go with a tried and trusted solution, items you’ve had many…

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15 Ways To Know When Your Prospect Is Ready To Buy- Video Blog

Getting a prospect to agree to an order does not have to be tricky. If you listen to what the prospect is saying there should be no problem in getting them to close the order. The prospect will always give signals and signs as a way of communication to what they are thinking. So how would you know this when…

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When The Buyer Does Not Perceive Your Value

Prospect finding the value cartoon

Many times, your buyer will take a look at your up-front price and reject it. This is because they don’t see how the goods or services you offer will solve their problems at the price stated. In other words, value has not been built up in the customer’s mind. Value isn’t waht you think it is. Value is alwyas what…

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The Reasons People Buy

Man holding mobile phone and a credit card online shopping

Franklin Covey have done some research to determine why buyers select a producer or service provider, and it makes interesting reading. They found that the top four reasons revolved around the following: Relationships, compatibility and fit: The supplier is a good match with the people, processes and culture of the organisation they are selling to. Deep understanding of the business:…

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Helping Customers Make Decisions

Businessman picking an arrow making a decision

Your ability to sell is most often tied in to your ability to help customers make the best decisions for themselves and their businesses. Having seen many salespeople try to persuade customers by telling them how good their products and services are, we have written many times of the need to put on the buyer’s mind-set, see things from their…

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How To Improve Your Sales, Some Home Truths

Sale Growth

We often get sales people on our courses who have been employed for some time and have picked up some, erm, shall we say, ‘interesting’ habits! They may have been quite successful some time ago, but they have peaked or plateaued, and they want to go on to the next level. Thousands of salespeople have downloaded my ‘Sales Person’s Crisis’…

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Increase Customer Profits To Increase Sales

Customer Service Word Cloud

What do buyers want from you? Cost savings? Discounts? The best price? They might tell you they want these things, and they may even be convinced that they want them, too. But all of these are really only in the background compared to what they really, really want. Imagine these two scenarios: 1) Your customer tells his boss that he…

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