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4 Reasons Why Buyers Make Decisions

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There are, of course, many reasons why people buy from you, but they all tend to fit into specific categories and if you are able to observe and ascertain the real reason why your prospect says ‘yes’ to you, then you have a good platform to build on for the next prospect. So what are the main reasons why buyers…

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Check Their Buying Motives

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We’ve all been told that buyers these days are only interested in price. Well, if that’s what you really believe, you will be right. You’ll attract that response as soon as you open your mouth. However, our research has shown that there are a great many buying motives that buyers display…and if you are able to tap into these, it…

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Helping Your Customer To Buy

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I’m on a mission! I’m planning to get all salespeople to get their job title changed from ‘sales-person’ to ‘help-others-to-buy-person’! It’s only half tongue-in-cheek, because you will know by now that our intention should not be to sell our products and services; it should be to make it easy for others to buy them. But how exactly can you make…

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Some Home Truths, People Buy On Emotion

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In a previous blog, we highlighted five ways to improve your sales with some home truths that many of you have responded to. The first of those truths was that people buy, not because of intellectual reasons like price, quality and service, but because of emotional needs and wants. The truth is that we as human beings are emotional creatures…

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How To Design A Sales Process

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I received an interesting question yesterday from Keith Lassiter who sells conservatories. Keith asked me how to contruct a sales process from scratch. Now if you have to do this, here’s my top tip on how to make a start: With a blank piece of paper write down how your prospects and clients make their buying decision? Right from the…

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Is The Sole Decision Maker A Thing Of The Past?

Getting someone (and I mean “one person”) to make a decision is becoming harder and harder. Normally there are several people involved in a decision nowadays as committee decisions are becoming more common place now than ever before for several reasons. 1. Prospects like to get buy in from the people/departments/senior managers who will either be using the product or…

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