cementing the appointment

3 Tips To Help Solidify Appointments And Minimize Cancellations

Cancelled appointments and no-shows will cost you a ton of money. You invest a great deal of time prospecting and locating the decision maker (DM). Then you went through all sort of pain getting past a tough gatekeeper screen just to reach the DM. and set the appointment. Then you could you have travel time, gas and a host of…

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3 Important Tips To End The Call Properly After Setting The Appointment

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The sales person invests a ton of time and money getting the correct contact information.  He then calls several times to reach the decision maker and works hard to get pass a tough gatekeeper screen.  He overcomes several objections with the prospect and finally sets the appointment. However, now elated and a bit anxious that the prospect may change her…

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3 Effective Ways to Reduce Canceled Appointments

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Appointments that cry off at the last minute will cost you a great deal of money.  In addition to the time you spent to set the appointment, now you have travel time, gas and a host of other less tangible expenses.  Depending on your business, it may be impossible to eliminate canceled appointments completely.  However, you can greatly reduce them…

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Cementing An Appointment

How many of your appointments cry off at the last minute? Maybe it’s down to the fact that you are not confirming them in the right way. Here’s a way to make the appointment stick! Just remember the word cement. C-E-M-E-N-T C – Confirm Confirm or re-confirm addresses, telephone numbers, and the dates and times E – Explain Briefly re-explain…

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