client retention

How To Find Out Why Your Client Is Leaving

Clients thinking about not signing

You’ll have heard many times that it costs more to attract new customers than to retain the business of current ones, and it’s true that the marketing costs plus all the other charges and outlays to attract customers far outweigh the time and effort to keep and increase business with existing clients. So, if your customer does leave you or…

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3 Ways To Become Indispensable To Your Customer

Customer Loyalty

When we ask buyers what makes them purchase from particular suppliers, the answers can range from great prices to great value to great people and many others. But some reasons always seem to float to the top of the list, and when you see them they appear common sense. Unfortunately, the sense needed for this isn’t that common. So, here…

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7 Steps To Build & Maintain Connections With Your Clients


If there’s one quality that we can always develop on our journey to being great at salesmanship, it’s the quality of connection. Ask any buyer what cements the relationship between them and their best suppliers, somewhere down the line this concept of connection will rise up. No buyer I know will say that they continue buying from a company without…

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The 3 Main Components That Drive Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty

Most companies agree that loyal customers are the lifeblood of their business. Clients who return continuously to restock or re-purchase make it easy for companies to provide service and back-up because the effort needed to ensure satisfaction is minimal. But how do we ensure this loyalty isn’t just short-lived? What attitude do you as a salesperson and as a business…

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Why Do Your Clients Continue To Use You?

We recently asked a company who have been using our services for the past five years why they actually stuck with us. You know the kind of thing…what have we done right, is there anything more we can do, where do we add extra value, and so on. We were pleased with the answers and also the areas where we…

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How To Get Close To The Customer

What is a brand? The IPO says that it constitutes a “promise of an experience’ and conveys to consumers a certain assurance as to the nature of the product or service they will receive and also the standards the supplier or manufacturer seeks to maintain”. For example, a ‘brand’ might focus on exclusivity of design; or perhaps excellence of customer…

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Building Rapport – Infographic

Whenever you use phrases like “I only do business with him/her” or “I think that person really understands me”, the likelihood is that you have experienced ‘Rapport’. Rapport is a personal state between two or more people which allow relationships to form, trust to be built and frustrations to be eased, and this is obviously very important skills for sales…

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Improving Your Customer/Client Retention – Video Blog

As a sales person, I’m sure you are aware how important it is to develop a loyal client base as this will provide a great level of security for your business through the down periods that all businesses have. So what can you do to ensure that your customers and clients come back to you time and time again? The…

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