closing deals

Overcome The Fear Of Closing

Businessman with a contract opposite a client

One question that comes up more than any other on our sales courses revolves around the art of closing the sale. Many delegates ask if we can give them the ‘magic pill’, the statements that will work with every prospect, as if they need to be hypnotised into making the decision to buy from us. Some people actually develop a…

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Five Easy Steps To The Close

Close-up Image Of A Firm Handshake Between Two Colleagues

So many salespeople are concerned about the stage of the sale that really should be straightforward…getting the customer to say yes! Here are some ideas to help you achieve the ultimate goal. There are no tricks or complications here; just common-sense tips that you can use to get the sale: 1) Help the customer buy. Forget putting yourself and the…

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Don’t Forget Your Call To Action!

Something nice and light for a Friday… Whether it’s selling, marketing or getting your kids to do something – you need a call to action! Unlike the writer of this advert for a COMEDY WRITER/TOUR MANAGER! I’d love to reply to the job advert….but how! Lesson – never forget your call to action! Happy selling! Sean Sean McPheat “The UK’s…

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