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3 Ways Of Asking For The Sale, That ASK For The Sale

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After all the preparation, proposals and meetings you’re so close to closing the deal. But there’s one thing stopping you! Asking for the sale… So let us look at a few more direct and clear ways to ask for the sale that will help you make more money. Sign Here There are not too many ways to be more direct…

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NEVER Ask This Question While Closing the Sale

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You can find a ton of material on terms, phrases and magic words to use while attempting to close a sale.  Some closing statements and remarks may be very helpful and some may make no difference.  However, one question is extremely damaging and will often kill the sale. “What do you think?” While this question may seem harmless and necessary,…

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5 Successful Selling Tips From The Great Sam-I-am

You can find Sam-I-Am in the critically acclaimed children’s book, “Green Eggs & Ham,” by the famed Dr. Seuss.  First published in 1960 by Random House, “Green Eggs & Ham,” tells the story of two characters: one named Sam-I-Am and another, an unnamed character I will call “IT.” Eloquently presented with colourful images and rhymes, the book follows Sam as…

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Three Powerful Closing Questions

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You had a great sales interaction:  Both you and the prospect were calm and comfortable.  You developed some rapport and the prospect showed some positive buying signals during the meeting.  However, when you presented your proposal it seems as though everything became silent, time began to slow down and tension filled the air as you anxiously waited for the prospect’s…

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