closing techniques

Why Prospects Object When There Is No Objection

Businesswoman saying no to salesman

You did your job: you uncovered the problems and the pain and you helped the prospect clearly see the benefits and the affordability.  Then you instilled a sense of urgency by giving the potential customer reasons and additional benefits to move forward today.  You also did not wait until the close to address common objections.  Instead, you foresaw those familiar…

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Three Times When You Should NOT Look the Prospect in the Eyes

Business woman with arms in a cross

You know the critical importance of Eye Contact.  Yes, eye contact plays a vital role in selling as in almost every other area of business and consumer life.  However, in professional sales, there are a few times when you do not want to have that direct eye-to-eye contact with the prospect. #1 – Demonstrating or Showing a Tangible Product Whether…

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Increase the Amount of Sales You Close Without Increasing Your Closing Average

Sales manager holding increasing graph

Sales people usually look in only a few areas when it comes to finding ways to increase sales.  Sales professionals look to increase the total amount of prospects they see by making more calls, sending more emails and increasing their overall prospecting activity.  Or, the sales person and management team look to increase closing averages by learning more techniques, overcoming…

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Building Great Relationships With Customers

Salesmen shaking hands

Poor salespeople aim to close the sale; great salespeople aim to create relationships. Take that phrase, write it out, laminate it and keep it close to your heart. It will always keep your drive in the right direction. Many salespeople on our courses ask for techniques and tips on closing the sale. We say that the sale will naturally close…

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Overcome The Fear Of Closing

Businessman with a contract opposite a client

One question that comes up more than any other on our sales courses revolves around the art of closing the sale. Many delegates ask if we can give them the ‘magic pill’, the statements that will work with every prospect, as if they need to be hypnotised into making the decision to buy from us. Some people actually develop a…

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Five Easy Steps To The Close

Close-up Image Of A Firm Handshake Between Two Colleagues

So many salespeople are concerned about the stage of the sale that really should be straightforward…getting the customer to say yes! Here are some ideas to help you achieve the ultimate goal. There are no tricks or complications here; just common-sense tips that you can use to get the sale: 1) Help the customer buy. Forget putting yourself and the…

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How To Close The Sale

How to Close the Sale: Asking for the Order Ok, so you’ve done a great sales presentation, hooked up the perfect proposal and now you’ve got to ask for the order.  Now depending on what you sell and your sales model, your methodology for asking for the order will be very different. And in many cases, using an “assumptive” close,…

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