closing the deal

The Top 5 Phrases That Will Close The Deal With Your Prospect

Two women shaking hands over a contract

We had an enquiry last month from a sales manager who asked us to work with his sales team for half-a-day on closing techniques. He said his team was good at relationship-building but when it came to the close, they needed help. They simply didn’t know what to say to get the order without it appearing to put pressure on…

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3 Quick Tips On Leading Your Prospect Directly To The Close

Blue Arrows

Most people like to envision a future full of promise and profits. It helps us to set goals, have purpose and build strategies. It’s always better to look forward to the future rather than loathe it. As a sales consultant, how can you help buyers to build this vision? What can you do to encourage them to listen to your…

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Don’t Get Too Excited After The Prospect Says “Yes”

Presentation in office

You are in a selling situation, closing and asking for the order.  The prospect is objecting.  You are dealing with the objections, negotiating.  The situation is tense and volatile and there is a ton of money on the table.  You have huge commission at stake and you need it badly.  Finally, the prospect agrees to the offer.  The handshake ensues,…

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